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Did you stake your pal tokens or sell them?
I see quite a few users sold their pal tokens and missed out on the Leo airdrop. it will be interesting to see in the future if other tokens use the system Leo did. Staking your tokens shows commitment to everyone else and to the Steem platform so it may be wise to stake whatever you are given in the future. It is not about today, but tomorrow and the day after.

Since I'm not huge into trading, I staked my PALcoins as soon I got them. When the delegation feature came out, I lent those stake to one of my alternate accounts. Since I held PAL, I was able to receive LEO airdrops.

So, that seemed like an example where "commitment" opened the doors to more benefits. In hindsight, if I had spent a bit of time to buy low after selling my initial drop, I would have had more stake. Alas, I am lazy, so I am stuck with what I have right now.

I have debated whether I wanted to sell for short-term gains like many other Steemians. Remember, Steem has value on exchanges. All the Steem Engine tokens, while great, are not guarantees. They are internal, centralized, tokens that may or may not hold value in the future.

But of course, they are the closest things we have to represent ``communities`` right now. It warms my heart that groups like PAL and LEO set out to moderate their own front ends. They are educating and protecting their turfs from potential bad actors. How long would that zeal last? Well, we shall see.

Back to staking PAL, I plan on keeping them powered up for the short and midterm. At some point, when I decide I have enough stake, I will start selling off portions of my rewards in PAL. Of course, I will still keep powering up to gain (or retain) influence. It's not much different to how I am handling my Steem stake at the moment.

To @cryptoandcoffee's original description, yes I do think staking can be a wise option. Especially when the tokens and communities are new. At the end of the day, it all depends on what each individual value. Some rather play the long game. Some rather have gains now.

If PALcoin were to fail tomorrow, I would feel bad, but I literally didn't spend any of my resources to obtain them. So, the upsides is still greater than the potential pitfall that could befall to all SE tokens.

Until then, here's a parody of Mastering Bitcoin:


I sold my PAL tokens as i have my priority and my priority is to get out of debt first. I have a future plan to buy PAL if the price remain at this level after one month. Because of that I missed out the LEO airdrop. I see LEO also as a potential token in Stem ecosystem. But whatever be the case I am strong proponent of both PAL & LEO and encourage people to hold onto their airdrops for long term gain.. I also see the evolution of PAL as a value addition to this ecosystem.

LEO is airdropped to those who have PAL power. So those who got PAL and did not stake lost another opportunity of a lucrative airdrop. So the point is that the beneficiaries of the PAL airdrop want to walk away with 0.17 USD per PAL immediately, but by doing so they are losing all the possibilities & opportunities. Simply put, immediate cash makes an "airdrop beneficiary" impatient.

People are looking for shortcut either due to lack of awareness or may be due to the general human tendency. If people will bide some time and wait patiently then they can sell their airdrop token at a better value, they can stake their coin and earn passive benefits out of it, or even they can make their staking power purposeful in this ecosystem. After all, this ecosystem is not primarily oriented on money, money is definitely an element but that comes along with the primary purpose of socializing in numerous ways.

To activate a mindset of being patient, we need to enhance the level of awareness on security & long-term goal. This community is a social one, yet we are so impatient that we don't want to read about a project which is offering an airdrop. That is why most of the people are blindly dumping their airdrop tokens. If you read about a project, then at least you will have your own perception about that project and you won't be blank in your mindset and you may have your individual perception about that project. That will lead to an informed choice. Once you have your informed choice you will have more clarity on your decision and I am sure you are not going to dump it blindly. Then you get to think about the long term advantages, disadvantages, etc and you can have a plan on it, you will have a rational approach to it.

When the beneficiaries of the airdrop will be more focused on being prudent & less impulsive, then the tolerance level can be increased & they can learn to do away from dumping an airdrop immediately.

Those who dump their airdrops(like PAL or may be LEO now) immediately are at a chronic disadvantage considering the potential of both PAL and LEO, considering the potential passive benefits & advantages in the long term. These airdrops were ideally a kick-starter for the beneficiaries, but some of them prefer to part with cash.

Therefore it is more important to educate the beneficiaries of the airdrops about the subconscious tendency to cling with immediate cash. Once the beneficiaries understand that the small looking airdrop can become big when things like 2017 bull run happen(maybe in 2021/22 or maybe sooner), they will change their behaviour. The beneficiary must understand that it is always harder to part with immediate cash, to have an investment plan for the future. 


I just received some Palnet coins few days ago. I am almost late in that airdrop. Good thing I was browsing some posts that time and saw a post regarding it that it will be just less than 24 hours left on claiming the coins.

After getting some coins, I did not actually had the idea on how to use it or stake it. Read a little about how it should be done and thinking that whether it will be worth it to buy a vote using those coins. Also had the thought of juat sell it cause ita value might become lower than the present. Or hodl cause it maybe has the potential to become more valuable someday.

So right now, I am still undecided on what to do with those coins.


I believe in the future of the PAL project. And so I did stake my PAL token instead of selling it. I see PAL as the restart of Steemit and, considering the opportunity it provided to the early adopters, I believe that the future is bright.

Well, only time will tell.


I find Palnet and Leonet useful and promising and staked/will stake them up. I have already a dozen of different tokens, some are not of my interest topics. So, I suppose I will sell most of the other tokens I receive. I can imagine to handle 3-4 or 5 like a maximum.

New tokens I receive I began to sell and buy more PAL instead.