Brexit. Good or bad?
I am all for Britain leaving the EU. I don't believe that the EU is the way forward and they are better of out with separate trading deals.

From the Germany perspective - it is OK. Britain, as a strong player has always been sceptical to the German's decisions related to the EU and its regulations. Germany wants to rule EU on their own and spoil its poor countries indirectly (by constant, political law changes which does kill inner countries economy and make them more and more dependent on Germany economy) .

Heh, here is a funny thing. Germany during the First World War were planning to subordinate European countries both politically and economically after winning the  I WW. They failed in 1918 as well as in 1945, as they lost again in II WW. But years later, w/o a war and any effort (!) they have achieved what they were planning during IWW - "EU" has been created. "Mitteleuropa" v2 was born.

I am really impressed of such achievement.


I know Britain quite well and I am absolutely against Brexit. Britain without the EU would not be as strong and important anymore and vice versa the EU will loose a good partner. Britain has benefited a lot as a result of being a member of the EU. Surely the EU has its flaws but that is not an unsolvalble problem. Only together Europe will remain strong. I would not even be so sure if Britain will succedd in securing the trade deals it so despreately seeks. My prediction is that they will crash out of the EU without a deal. There will be a lot of chaos in the aftermath and finally they will reverse that decision and come back.