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The festive period is nearly here. Are you going to give Steemit and Musing a break and come back refreshed in the New Year?
I have thought about it .but i will carry on as per normal. I know others will be celebrating with loved ones and going away.

No, I won't. I'll be here less, most likely, because as much as I would like to continue my work, i want to enjoy this period to the fullest, be with my loved ones and of course, I have a lot to do, cleaning, cooking, baking.

However, Steemit is my family as well and I want to enjoy the holidays with them as well. I want to post some photos of the good they are coming and won't neglect my friends. I want to say happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone, not t o mention tying to grow my account if possible. 

I think Steemit and Musing is part of our life now, I can't imagine my life without them, so  I'm going to make everything I can to use my time wisely and to make the most of it. 


It will be as usual for me. I will be on musing in festive season too. I know many people will not be here online especially in last two weeks of December. There are two reasons to that. One is festive season of course and the second is low price of steem. As some of the people rely on steem blockchain as their regular way of some income to survive, they are just at the edge of getting exhausted, as it is extremely difficult now a days to make a living out of it, unless you have some great amount of steem power. With that in mind, they are searching other online options lately. 

Festive seasons always look great if you have some money in your pocket to spend and if you do not have that money, it is difficult to celebrate. The human civilization has gone that far that without money you can not even enjoy a festival.

Considering all of my regular schedule, I am planning to carry on my activities in musing and steemit and other dApps. In 2019 as I have some targets and hopefully I can achieve that target if I keep working hard. I am planning to celebrate my festive season and Christmas here on steem blockchain by spending more time here on musing and other dApps.



No way!!!!!!!!!!

Far be it from me that I give up my beloved, lol. I won't be taking any brake from steemit or musing. 

The main reason is that I do not believe in the reason for the season. I'm a christian and I recognize the fact that Christ wasn't born in winter - would any sane shepherd be out with his flock in winter?  You know the answer to that. And so this season is just as normal as it can be for me. And since there's always holidays this period I see it as an opportunity to increase the time I spend here.

The second reason I won't be going anywhere is that I just got two delegations, 25SP from @mountainjewel and 40SP from @crypto.piotr. The former will expire in January while the latter has extended he's to Feb 2019. And so I have a limited amount of time to make optimal use of these delegations to build my following and presence.

And so for me, its business as usual. In fact its game on!!!