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How do you stay positive when everyone around you is negative?

In this world there are many negative people, who somehow we are contagious that negativity if we do not know how to handle it, having happiness first of all. Which is not so easy to achieve

One of the most important lessons you must learn to be happy is that, whether you like it or not, negative things are going to happen to you in life.

You will experience many more good than bad situations.

But once in a while, life is going to hit you.

And if you don't want to live in constant depression or sadness, you need to accept that not everything is going to be rosy.

Embrace life as it is: with its bad things, but also with many other occasions when there will be moments and very good people around you.

To be positive, a good exercise to practice is to analyze your situation and look at the positive in your life, and give thanks for having it.


This is something really hard to go by at the start but once you get a hold of the people around you and get to understand who they are and how to they think than  it becomes easier to go by those type of person.

I have met many people who continuously tries to show down to people and make them demotivated from their track. While sometimes they do become successful on those attempts and sometimes the situations around us  also does that kind of things to us. While the few things that I usually do in order to get over those situations are 

I usually remind myself that it is my journey not theirs.

If i go through a good time in my life there will be many people around me to celebrate those moments(real life experience) and whenever I get to have a bad time going on in my life I will not find people to share those sorrow or pain. So I always keep in mind that this is my story and I have to write it on my own, no other person/tough situations can not move me away from the track or the path that I am going. 

I don't let those negative Ideas/Energy get to my mind

This is something that really is indeed I believe in all people mentality as there will be tough situations in all through our life and the people who are just telling you to stop or don't to that one day when you get to rise or make a position for yourself than those people will come and greet you and will take your words as compliment. So don't let those comments/situations get to you inside it will just slow you down.


Determine yourself where you want to go no matter what 

This is something which really helps in order to get yourself and in hard times it really makes a person stay positive and out. As form my real life experience I can say that without laying out a plan a person can never reach to the goal that he/she deserves. Find out the possibilities of difficulties along the way first hand and this way you will be able to slightly guess what might have happen in the coming days or get prepared for it (come near to the position). 

This determination of yours will allow to move forward no matter what and by doing so all the negative thoughts will not really affect you in any way possible.

Last but not the least Believe in yourself.

This is something which you will need and I have within myself and it has been my shield in times necessary and I have making it strong everyday. As I know what I am capable of and what I can achieve in my life . No one can decide what steps should I take and how I should lead my life. There will be tough times as this is how life is and will be. So never give up and have faith and belief in thyself. This will drive us to the end of the road.

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Fist of all, not everyone is negative. Those who are, however, tend to voice their opinion to get more support. They find joy in complaining. That's not good, nor healthy.

You have to find positive people, believe me, there are plenty. Do not associate with negative people if you want positivity in your life. Find the ones that think the same way as you and can give you the boost and energy you need to go on. 

If you can find one single person who's presence can be beneficial, you're already a winner. Two positive minded people can do a lot, can accomplish anything. The sky is the limit. 

You're responsible for your life and well being. Choose your friends and people around you wisely. Happiness is a state of mind, not a place on earth. This is my motto and it's true! 


*Praying and reading the bible.*

Looking around, we can see imperfect people. Neighbors that are talking rumors, parents that is mad to their child, children that are stubborn, a student that is stress to his studies, an old person that is getting older, the pain he feels that there ia no hope. In this world full of negativity, we sometimes overwhelmed by it. Every day you wake up, each of us have the problems to solve. Sometimes we lose hope. And thinking to give up! When I'm are drowning because of negativity, I always looking above, holding my hands and start to pray. Reading the bible helps me too to keep positive, there are practical advice that can help me. Stop, pray, and meditate. Look around there are any creations that can make us feel better that lifr is good. In every person there are good qualities to cherish. So I wanna start my day with a big smile in my face! 😊




People should focus more on their local communities. When there are bad things happening locally, local organizations can get involved and reduce the problem.

People tend to be negative about global concerns that they cannot address. Big global issues make us feel helpless and we start striking out locally.

Local churches and local social clubs are a great place to start.


In this life, we cannot avoid negative situations that almost occur at any time. Negative situations often have an impact on our mind and body which also becomes negative.

In order not to be trapped in a prolonged negative situation, we need to take action to always be positive in each situation. Positive actions can affect a healthy and active body.

The secret of a strong soul and body is to always be positive and think positively to anyone. Learning the art of being positive can help your daily life better.

We must train our minds to stay positive every time.

Without us knowing it, we always bring our minds in a negative direction. For example, we always blame ourselves when making mistakes. Then, it is easy for us to always go along with thinking badly of other people because it is carried away by the murky atmosphere, even though that person does not make mistakes with us. Not to mention, when work in the office is always criticized by the boss (boss), again we are immediately angry.

From now on, reduce the negative thoughts that are inside us. How? Starting from respecting yourself. When making mistakes, convince yourself that mistakes are part of learning, respect ourselves who have worked hard so that we can be even more excited in the future.

Avoid bad thoughts about other people we don't know, and respond positively to any criticism that befalls us.

I think, that's the answer about how we stay positive even if it's negative


I think its not easy for everyone.in their life to aways stay positive.But we need to positive. We need to.always keep calm.when in our home or outside we meet some who always think nagative.We cant tell them.easily what are good or bad.Some people dont have habbit to listen.people talk that's why I will advice infront of nagative always try to calm.And don't be.angry that may be help you.Also in our life for everywork we need patience that's really so much important for our everdays life.

That's always stay calm.



Maybe a "news diet" is right for us? The negative headlines will probably not be less, if you no longer look for it - but they will not be more if you do not. Just listen to your feeling: how much do I want to hear about it and when will it be enough for me?

When conversation drifts into moaning, ranting, blaspheming - think about joining. Often we swing each other high and after the conversation everything looks even worse.

Before you say anything, you can already check what your counterpart is telling you: is it going to make her or him pass you over, if your reservations are extreme? If you want to apply negative experiences, is it about the other person or about you? Be aware that if you pull down your interlocutor, the same thing happens to you.

If something oppresses you, you can decide if you want to hold onto it. It makes sense to see if you can change something and then let go. The more you practice it the easier it gets.

Always be aware of what's good in your life and talk about it. Just as negative things pull us down, dealing with beauty can set our spirits up.

I think it's good if, instead of competing, whoever had the most dramatic experience, we take more space for happy togetherness and understanding and being understood.


@Cryptoandcoffee, Here we have to understand one thing and that is, we are alone in this world and everyone is playing their role. So, we should not concentrate about what others thinking and or what. Yes, it's not that easy for sure but at the end of the day, we are only the one who have to drive our own life and others will not going to do that because everyone have to push their own life.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂