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Do you complete tasks or give up?
Most people I know give up and may come back to it again later.


Sometimes it IS more appropriate to “give up” entirely or at least split up into different periods. Sometimes there’s learning done in the attempt that, reveals things that not clear before starting and guides a suitable course-correction.

Sometimes best to take on all at once.

Every situation differs.


I try as much as possible to complete my tasks instead of giving up.

You never get to achieve anything by giving up, although, you may be tempted to give up but then, you shouldn't if you must achieve your dreams.

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To me, giving up is not the best choice or option I usually take. I will try all my possible best to complete the task as I don't see giving up as something that is good.

There are some task that even at first instance, it seems like it cannot be achieve or accomplished but that does not mean we should easily give up on those such task. We should be determined, believe in ourselves and encourage ourselves that we can accomplish this task even even those it seems difficult or impossible.

So to me, I will say I always complete the tasks and I don't give up. No matter how difficult the task may be or no matter how impossible it may look, I know God will surely help me to achieve it.



  It depends on the task. Some projects demand a lot of time and effort and may take long to complete; others may be done in a shorter period of time, but may demand even more commitment; and yet others can be too ambitious, unrealistic, or demand a level of motivation we may lose at a given time and thus force us to give up.

I have given up quite a few tasks in my life; some because I lose motivation, others because I cannot realistically complete them. However, there have been some tasks I have revisited, even years after I put them on hold.

There were many academic projects I started more than 10 years and never saw fruition. From students’ magazine and papers to theater and book clubs, I had conceived quite a few ideas to develop in my university when I came back from Graduate School. Unfortunately all of those projects required resources and people willing to contribute. At some point we had the people but lack the resources; at other we might have had the resources but not the people.

When our university collapsed to the crisis and we lost most of what makes a university an institution of higher learning, all those projects died with it. There were also many research projects that could not be finished, but some of those I have been able to revisit and complete.

I used to draw quite decently when I was a teenager. I had a series of portraits planned, of relatives and friends. I never finish that project. At some point this year, I plan to start working on my rusty drawing skills. I hope to feel the touch again and retake those portraits.

At the present moment when I have to think about making money for daily expenses it is very difficult to devote time to mid and long-term projects, but I am working on that.


 I always complete my tasks before the deadline because I don't want to add a lot of tasks and of course I don't want to rush things . I want my tasks to be done step by step so that I can see the satisfying result after all my efforts. Giving up is not the best choice. We should always think positively about many things in life. 


First of all, what kind of tasks is it? If it's something that will stretch me beyond my ability, I love such tasks because it takes me out of my comfort zone. I don't like giving up on tasks, so this one won't be an exception.


Frankly speaking it all depends upon the nature of the task. If it is important nature I love to do it with utilizing my all best efforts but if it is unimportant I do it after seeing my priority.