Has political correctness made people weak?

No. In fact, 'political correctness' is just the bs term for "I can't say racist things anymore or people get mad and that makes me upset."

It's a way to get rid of slang terms that various groups have asked others not to use for a long time. A way to make sure all groups are respected and called by respectful words instead of being disrespected. It's not weak to admit that a person or group has asked to be called one thing over another and respect that, and if you think it is you're part of the problem.


Political correctness is like covering and shading altruistic opinion of people that can never change, because I do think we can choose to say certain things, but that doesn't mean we don't think or percieve them it is like also making sure that people do not see out what they perceive or feel even if it is evidence that they feel these things but maintaining a perfect society is what political correctness is all about even amidst things like racism or amidst things like feminity or masculinity political correctness make sure that people are limited when it comes to how viable they can be in other words it seems like taking away the freedom of speech for a good purpose or a good reason.

However at the same time I do not feel it makes people weak I do think it makes people substantially inaudible it makes people talk but never heard so even if it is for the right reasons I do not feel that people should be hide your opinion behind political correctness because if we are to stop things like racism it is always good for people to voice out and admit that they are racist so that they can be educated and corrected.

So my opinion is that political correctness doesn't make people weak, it only makes people inaudible, unable to rightly or wrongly express their freedom of speech, i do understand that it is meant to be a good thing but the thing is that it doesnt changes the situation its only covers and hides situations and happenings but never really tackling the problem so it is like cutting a grass but not actually uploading it which means that it can suffice anytime soon.

So I understand what you mean when you mean by weakness but it isn't just the weakness sometimes it can be an infringement or a blockade to human dominion and freedom, to choose to be a bad guy, it's actually a good concept but not perfect. if a problem should be solved you should be tackled head on and not avoided and that is my thoughts about political correctness


The pc is a kind of the lie, and most of the cases, the covering of truth. And anything, what covering from you the reality, it make you weaker.

It came from the fighting agains racism and sovinism, but like most of the "resistant", this turned around, against the primary goal.

Right now, the pc make the people definitely weak, because that is a limit, and a barrier against the clear, free speech. And yes, the truth can be painful, or can hurt peoples feelings, and this is the reason, the narcistic, fool people doesnt want to hear any unconvenient things, even if it the truth.

And the other side: racist and sovinism, and lately the feminism, liberalism not equals the truth, because these things arent facts, just opinions. Also doesnt mean, the free speech equal these things, because the free speech is just the right, you can be a racist IN WORDS, for example, and the right for others, they can think about you, as an *sshole.

But all the people know, if they doesnt like something, isnt not mean, that thing is racist/sovinist/feminist. Even if there are some brainless stupid, who think, their opinions are more important, than the facts.