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Do you set yourself targets for your Steem account?
I have targets that I try and hit weekly. I was wandering if others do the same or just go with the flow.

I don't do that anymore although I have had some of them for 2018. One of them was to reach a reputation score of 60 which I have achieved sooner than I was expecting but then I realized that the reputation score doesn't matter that much and didn't set any other for 2019. I have also had SP and Steem holdings as targets and even the goal of posting every day. Don't have them either. There was a time when I was "a bit fanatic" about Steem and dedicated a lot of time to it everyday but at some point I got to a saturation level that I couldn't even post anything for days. It felt like I didn't want to open the page anymore. That's when I considered that I have to see it as a way of spending free time and not as a task. I don't have to post everyday, I don't have to reach X amount of SP or to earn who know how much Steem a mount. It's about doing what I feel like for the moment. Setting goals with Steem made me write posts just for the sake of writing them and to achieve those goals and sometimes waste time on the platform. I know that in some cases goals work in a productive way but in my case it didn't. I am definitely being active as much as I can and will probably do that for many years to come but somehow going with the flow and not being constrained by numbers. That's how I see the evolution of my Steem account. 


Yes I do. Last year my goal was to become a minnow which I achieved (musing played an instrumental part in making that a reality)

This year (this month to be precise) I hope to earn $200dollars of which I will use to get a phone. I'm currently using my mums.

Secondly I have started a twitter campaign with borders around creating more awareness for steem and onboarding people.

I am also heavily invested in dtube at the moment. So I try to make a video each day.

I'm trying to get back to using the musing platform. Asides the earning I feel its a wonderful community and has a lot of potentials .

So those are my goals. I think we all should be intentional about anything we do in other to achieve or get the best out of the situation or experience


I do not have any targets for my steem(it) account. 

But, I do have daily goals that revolves around staying up to date with Steemit happenings and answer on subjects that I am familiar with on Musing.

Musing is very good platform to build SP these days, so I am happily stuck with it.


I do not actually set any target for my steem account,i just want to go with the actual flow..

I want to just contribute positively to the steem blockchain and also make use of several dapp platforms which are interesting to use and also where i can learn from..

I believe that the reward part will flow in naturally so i do not disturb my mind over how much rewards i should target daily or weekly or monthly or even yearly,i just want to enjoy myself on the steem blockchain and make a great impact...


Yes, I do that. At first, when I was still new on Steemit, I was targeting users I knew and tried to achieve more than they had. And I did. Then I chose another user, a bigger one.

Now I see things differently, reputation is not of interest any more. Now I'm using SP as a target. Growing means having more SP, so that's what I'm targeting.

Unfortunately the holiday season was challenging, was busy with housework and cooking, baking so I did what I could but now that life is back to normal, I should do the numbers again.

Setting a target is always good if you want to grow, to achieve something.