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Would you bribe a Policemen to get out of trouble?
Unfortunately it happens all the time in South Africa and happened again last night to some work colleagues.

  No, I would not do such a thing. Even in Venezuela, where bribes are common currencies, I would not add insult to injury. My whole life I have criticized precisely how the average citizen may become part of what s/he criticizes. In order for anyone to have some moral ground to speak up from, some integrity must be preserved. It is hard, but not impossible.

In Venezuela people like to think that everyone is the same, everyone does the wrong thing and everyone has a price. You see that logic applied if you call somebody’s attention for throwing garbage in the streets. They’ll tell you: “Sí, ‘ta bién. Debe se’ que tu no botas basura en la calle!” which roughly translate as screw you, hypocrite! The fact of the matter is that there are any virtuous people among us who never throw garbage in the streets and would rather fill their bags with trash and get rid of them at home than pollute. There are people who never cut in lines (they’d rather get swollen feet and be late for an appointment than suggest other people that their time is not as valuable as theirs). Honesty and integrity is not only still possible, it is imperative that we preserve it and foment it.

We take for granted that all men and women in uniform are corrupt and will gladly accept a bribe. In fact most of them demand it at checkpoints openly. Sometimes they ask for money (lately they demand foreign currency); sometimes they ask for supplies (if you are carrying some food, toiletry, cleaning items, etc). I have never been in a position where I have to answer to a demand like that or that I may be forced to propose some indecent payment to get a favor or avoid arrest.

I’d say I’d rather go to jail or be beaten. For one thing they do not deserve to get anything from me if they are corrupt enough to demand it. Second of all, by doing it I’d be contributing to the corruption of the system. Thirdly, I’d have become one more without any leverage to demand or criticize any act of corruption; and finally, which is the case here, I may become a target for future vacunas, because they would know that I’m willing to pay their price.


In my country Belgium, corruption with the police is not very common. 

In countries with high poverty rates corruption is a bigger problem than in our Western society. I have had experiences where a corrupt police officer would accept a bribe. It was in Egypt when i was on a vacation in a touristic place. The police officer came to us by himself and offered to watch our car because crime rates are very high. We gave him something like 10 dollar to watch the car for a few hours. Which is probably a nice sum of money there. 

Personally i would bribe a policemen when they offer me a good deal and i can get away with it. Because there is a financial incentive to do so. But i don't think it's something we should encourage as a society. It's just very hard to eradicate corruption because humans will always choose for individual gain over the collective. Also there can be other deeper lying causes like poverty and misery. In some countries police officers make a minimum wage barely enough to survive. In such cases it's more out of necessity than greed.


Before I gave my answer on this, first of all I haven't been in this situation before but I've seen a lot of situations like this. And listen to my friends' experiences about this one as well.

My attitude towards this will be different depending on which country will I be caught by a policeman for a simple road violation. In countries like Singapore, where there is not even negotiation when it comes to a simple violation (e.g. speeding, road parking violation...etc), the officer will simply take all your info, leave a ticket, and a few days after you will recieve your bill for your violation. There's no opportunity to bribe.

But if this situation will happen to me in other countries that seem to accept "bribery" as a negotiation, I guess I would have to take that opportunity to get myself out of trouble.

Of course, I would take that experience by heart and learn from it. It's not a good practice to "bribe" somebody for me to get out of trouble. I might have escape the trouble of going through the legal process of clearing my penalties for the violation that I might have done, but still the money that I might used to bribe the policeman is still considered a "loss" for me.


Corruption is the biggest problem in India but I am not at all in favour of it. I was caught by police few times I never tried to get out of it by paying bribe. Rather I paid the penalty amount and asked for receipt as well. I have seen people paying bribe when they found doing something illegal or wrong which is not allowed. We people should change our mindset now because if we keep paying then policemen will be asking for it. Though government also has to make some very strict rules to control corruption. India has corruption at high level as well and political parties are involved in this.

If I talk about Singapore then I have to tell you that police is very honest here and they won't make you feel bad. They help people all possible way without any money from you. Even if you try to bribe them and get away with the trouble then for sure you will be behind the bars. So in Singapore never ever try to bribe. If you have done anything wrong so get ready to pay fine or punishment whatever is as per rules.





I don't think so. I've never had a ticket from the police for any wrongdoing. I try to respect the rules and the law so I won't have to bribe anyone to get out of trouble.

Unfortunately corruption can thrive because people in certain positions can be bribed and because people who have no respect for anyone and anything, are using this to get away with almost anything.

Today a parking ticket, tomorrow a bigger things and you end up crossing lines, bending rules because you know you can bribe your way out of everything. This is not good.



I would prefer to get out of my trouble, the right way. Bribing is corruption, I don't wanna join hands to corrupt my country. I'm a patriot.


Oh for sure. If I can keep something off my criminal record and not have to go to court? I would do it in a heartbeat. Pay up front now or possibly have huge life implications down the road.............. that is a no brainer for me.