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Why are weekends so quiet on Steem. I would have thought the opposite as this is the time we have more free time on our hands?
I look forward to the weekends as I have more time available to catch up anything i have missed during the week.

I suppose each individual's situation is difference to some degree, but my guess is, there's a combination of things happening that tend to make the weekend quieter than during the week.


Some of us are on here a lot during the week because we're trying to make a go at blogging. Some us don't work (our spouse/significant other does), giving us a chance to build stake. But when our other half is off work, we're spending time with them, since we're essentially treating STEEM as our full-time job.


More or less the same could be said for those who work during the week at a job and then spend whatever time they have after work here. They're looking at the weekend to do some recreational or all day activity that they can't do during the week. And, they're probably tired from working all day, then getting on STEEM and are trying to get a break from both.


Some people like to be in the thick of things and know what's going on as quickly as they can. I don't know if Steemit folks work weekends or not, but I've never seen an update, and while there's been a few community led discussions on the weekend, most of it happens during the week, too, especially if it's coming from a high ranking witness.


There's just things you can't do during the week, even if you had the time, because they don't happen until Saturday or Sunday.


The weather and the season both affect what's going on during the weekend, too. As the northern hemisphere plunges into summer, more and more people take advantage of the children being off from school to do more things away from home and electronic devices. They're taking road trips and longer vacations. They're out doing yardwork and gardening. They're getting outside so they soak in the sun rather in the rays of a monitor screen.


Getting out and doing something can translate into some of the best posts, so if the weekend is the opportunity to that, people will go and have their fun, take pictures and come back and report on it during the week.


...more would probably appear on the weekend, like you said, to catchup. I don't know if it's a good thing or that there isn't as much happening on the weekend, but I suspect, at whatever point more people on STEEM, even the weekend will become lively.


That may very well be the case for some people but I know for me, the weekend is a time to take a break from Steemit and gather myself for the new week ahead.  Many times I will be out with my family getting new ideas and material for stories and things like that.  

I spend a lot of time on Steemit and the other parts of Steem during the week.  This is what my day pretty much consists of:

- come into the office and do the daily steem monters quests on my account and my wife's account

- start reading, commenting, and curating all of the posts that came across my feed while I was sleeping at night.  Because of the time difference between where I live and where the people I follow live there are usually between 10 to 20 posts I need to read and comment on each morning.

- Jump over to SteemHunt and comment and upvote at least three new products over there.

- Load Musing and try to answer a couple of questions.

- Finally, I am a little caught up, so I start working on my post for the day.  Sometimes I am able to finish it, sometimes I am not.

- During this time there are other posts being posted from the people I follow that I need to comment on and upvote.  Plus people are replying to the comments I left in the morning.

- By the time I get home from work I have to ignore a lot of my Stemmit stuff for the evening so I can have dinner with my wife and do any work around the house.

- My wife has me post an actifit post for her with her account

- I check my feed again one more time for anything I need to immediately reply to and then I fall asleep.  

- I wake up the next morning and start all over again.

During the whole daily process I am still doing work for my real job as well and that sometimes pulls me away from my  Steemit tasks.  

The reason I wrote all of this is to show that if I didn't take a break on the weekends from Steemit I would never have any down time.  It is basically a full time job even when you just do it as a hobby.  Maybe that is why Steemit is a little dead on the weekends.