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What are your thoughts on the various gambling DApps being released on Steem?
From @magicdice to @steemslotgames and a few others gambling-based games are big on Steem at the moment. I myself have played a few of them and lost and won some STEEM. Do you enjoy these games? Have you tried them out? What do you think they bring to the Steem Blockchain? Thanks for your replies!

I have played a lot in magic-dice and I did not try in steemslotgames. I made some great amount in magic-dice from 87 to 430 steem but lost all thereafter. So I personally think when you make some good amount, it is always better to settle and withdraw the profit and enjoy with those money. Some people are even saying about some tricks, but I have personally experimented the tricks. One thing I am sure no trick is full proof and sometimes it works and when it works it is better to withdraw some profits so that at the time of loss, it will not hurt more.

Some people just love gambling sites and they just want to have fun while rolling the dice and no matter whether they lose or win, they simply love playing this type of game and they can afford to lose those money which they are playing. It is good for those category people. But there are some people who wants desperate win from these games and they have an objective and target to make some money out of it and at times they also get tempted to put more than what they can afford to lose. For such people these are not ideal games and it has been observed that these kind of people have lost a lot while playing these games.

Now coming to why so many gaming dapps are building on the top of steem blockchain. This is because the characteristics of steem blockchain suits these dapps and the environment is also quite conducive. The high scalability of steem blockchain is really attracting such dapps to be built on the top of it. And you can see how magic-dice earning and reward instantly get credited to steem account. That is a testimony of how scalable steem blockchain is.

I still feel that even if you lose money in magic-dice, there is other benefit by playing in magic-dice. As every time you roll it, you earn some tokens and in the early days the tokens amounts were really good an you could have earned 100 tokens for every 1 steem played there. Thats really huge. At the moment it is giving 12.5 tokens for every steem rolled. The more tokens you have, the more dividend you can get and that is why this magic-dice in a short time became so popular. A lot of active users are still there. I am also earning somewhere around 0.15 steem per day as dividend on an average. However this amount fluctuates and it depends upon the revenue generated on that particular day. Magic-dice is sharing 40% of the revenue to the token holders. Last but not the least it is provably fair and we are rolling the dice in a game which is built on the top of a blockchain and blockchain always brings transparency. To conclude I must say, the future version of all online gambling sites is going to be blockchain based.