Are you using your creativity only for your business? Well, have you ever used your creative skills for your loved ones?
We all have different abilities. However, we usually use them for our ambitions. In such cases, we can forget the people who love us. The main issue I was wondering is, did you use your creative skills for someone you love?

Yes. I use my creativity when showing the people I love the most how much I love them. Here are some instances wherein I use it to make my loved ones happy:

  • Surprising my friends. I really love surprises and I love throwing surprises for my loved ones. During the birthdays of my friends, when I was still in college, me and my best friend used to plan ahead and surprise the birthday celebrant which includes, making banners, decorating the place where the surprise will be held and giving gifts that are products of our creativity. It was really fun and it will surely give a smile on someone's face.
  • Giving my family gifts. When I give gifts to my family members, I find a way not to only buy gifts but add gifts that I make. For example, for my sister, I often give her hand made letters which I really put an effort in making so when she receives a present, she will also receive a message from me.
  • Arts and crafts for people I love. I often do sketches of the important people in my life or write their names in calligraphy and give it to them. When I give, I do not give for the sake of giving but I make sure that the gift is worth remembering. 

We all have different ways on how we could show how much our loved ones mean to us, and for me using my creativity is one way to do so. I hope my answer helps!


@Cryptoewp, In my opinion our relationship should be important than anything, and i try to add creativity to bring more laughs and fun in lives of my family members. And i think that our creativity should not stay in the occasional form and inturn it should become our life aspect so that the essence of creativity will expand time to time.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂