Is It Necessary To Use Bot For Earn Money On Steemit?? ?
<br>I know hiring a bot is quick fix for getting reputation , but I have to think if I will do it as well. I'd like to think that there are still normal ways for a newbie to start earning here than just relying on bots and bids. I am struggling to get more from my posts. I have been with steemit for like 4 months now and I have to confess that I am still unfamiliar with the ways how this stuff works. Guess I need to read up more and spend more time in this platform, and also you guys can help me to find a good answer. So what do you think? Is it necessary to use bot here?

No. Does using bots even help? Competition for delegations by maximizing the ROI offered has caused bot users' ROI to plummet. 

If you want better rewards for your posts, I'd advise you to network. Become a great commenter first. Frequent the blogs of high-SP users whose work you like and provide value by commenting well. No platitudes, no ass kissing.  Value. Most likely some of them will start dropping big upvotes on your comments. If you're really good, they might start to follow you and drop their big votes on your posts. That's how you do it. Also, it's a good idea to frequent Discord channels where the bigwigs congregate. Again, offer value and make connections. 

The bottom line is that no matter how good your content, without marketing you'll get no traction. Be social and network. This is, after all, a social network. Happy Steeming!


In the past, yes the upvote bots were very profitable, but now it is becoming harder and harder to make any money from these bots - they often setg a 'max ROI' which is lik 10% now (which is not alot!). The bots are losing power now as more and more delegation is moving towards dapps that add value to the blockchain.

My suggestion would be to find some other forms of support - join some communities and that way you should find some long term support. There are tons of great communities and Discord channels to join.

I also reccomend trying to earn some Steem Basic Income shares - these give you upvotes for life on your posts - the more shares you have the higher the upvotes you will recieve. There are plenty of competitions giving shares away, and you can give them away yourself aswell - every share your give away you also recieve a share yourself.

If you have enough SP I would reccomend delegating to @steem-ua which gives upvotes based on your Steem-UA score - calculated from an algorithm based on things such as your engagement, followers etc - so it is something that can increase over time.

If you want to hit the Trending or Hot pages on Steemit then bots seem to the only real way of achieving that unless you have an epic post and a huge following!

But why would you want to hit those pages? If you would simply like to grow your account on Steemit then I recommend (as others have said) reaching out to other blogs on Steemit and (crucially) leaving well-thought out and valuable comments. Comments are hugely under-rated. They provide good visibility for you and an opp to earn upvotes. I think in the early days, newbies should double-down on commenting.

For your own blog posts, I think the best way is to invest the majority of your time in the Dapps that have decent delegations - therefore decent potential upvotes. So Steemhunt, Dtube, Dlive, Steempress, 'Musing' etc. A vote from these platforms can seriously speed-up your growth here.

So in summary, I would avoid bots and comment like crazy plus create some posts on the various Steem Dapps.
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I've seen a lot of users using these upvote bots. It sometimes appears to me that people only appear on the trending page with the aid of these bots. However, I've found a few accounts who make consistently a good amount of Steem by just writing exeptional content, so should you.
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There's no need to use an upvote bot to earn money. I would rather work on making connections if I were you, and reach out to other bloggers who write about the same things that you write about. Leave some comments, upvote their posts, and hopefully they will reciprocate when you have gotten to know them.
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No, I've never used bots on my content and I've never really needed them. A lot of people don't realize that most of the voting power a bot gives you have to pay for and in a lot of cases you won't get a positive return, although sometimes you do.

The best thing to do is post content regularly, try to find your niche and get your own Steem Power up so that you can upvote your own content and reward your followers.

That's the key to success on Steemit.
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