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Are you concerned about the information given in the questions or answers from Musing?
While we don’t necessarily talk about us, we put a lot of questions and answers here on Musing from which specific information can be subtracted ... are you concern about this?

Why would I (or anyone)?

It is not like I am sharing too sensitive information or anything like that, and it is obvious that the Steem blockchain is completely transparent and every shared thing/information (except encrypted memos) on the Steem blockchain stays publicly visible for anyone/everyone as long as the Steem blockchain exists.

By using the Steem blockchain, you/me/we let anyone/everyone subtract "specific information" (and any kind of) information from our/your Steem blockchain activity.

And a lot of people are sharing more sensitive informations on Facebook. For example their workplace, what things/products they like, what are they doing at a given moment, photos about their house/home, and other exact things. This can be beneficiary to a robber and/or to a marketing company.

For example: If you shared where you exactly live, including photos about your house/home, and you write on your wall that you are going on a vacation, then those informations can be beneficiary to a robber. They can watch your house to confirm that the house is really empty in that specific/given time, and they can easily rob your house. Those people, who share really sensitive, private informations should be concerned about it.


Yes, I worry about that.

Let's prove that concern.

Questions contain elements of religion (vulnerable to conflict).

Please go to #religion and see some questions that have been asked there, such as:

Dominant provides answers in the form of Opinions, not Theories or Concepts

Yes, in musing.io we write answers according to the questions asked, what if the questions related to knowledge or concepts? For example about Religion, there is a prohibited area for those of us who do not understand the concept of Religion to explain Religion, let alone give the answer with opinion. We are worried that it will cause insecurity for followers of certain religions when reading answers.

Need to Reduce Specific Categories and Check Plagiarism

So, to minimize conditions that are full of conflicts, such as Religion, Ethnicity, Language etc., it is important to reduce certain categories.

The other side is also important to build plagiarism checkers. The goal is simple, namely to increase the critical power and quality and quality of the environment itself. Like work, @steemcleaners and @cheetah in steemit.com for example.

May be useful.



Hi there, 

I would like to answer it on my own experience here. Yes, I am very concern about the information given on musing platform well it is not about right answer but as we know exceptions are always there.  

But sometimes I afraid from fake answers which doesn't make any sense but I get many answer that enables me to choose the right one and move on. 

Thank you :-)