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Would you look at a TV series if you skipped one episode?
We all love some TV series and just wondering in case you have skipped an episode you would continue to look at it or first try to find and look at the missing episode. Myself I cannot continue looking if there is a missing piece out of it.

First, I hate TV series. I hate it because it saps you of valuable time.

It is so long and some can even take years to compete. I am not much of a movie person so I don't even bother looking for any part I miss in a series because however way, you will still get to understand the concept of the movie.

I am currently following a TV series and I can't count how many times I have skipped some parts but I still follow nonetheless whenever I have the time.


I'm a big fan of TV series and for me this depends on the genre of the TV Series.

For sit-coms(situational comedy) I for one won't mind skipping one or two episodes as most sitcoms don't really follow one another. If I skip one episode (as long as it's not a 1 hr episode cut into two episode) then I'm not missing much and can still go back to it anytime.

For other genres like Fantasy, Adventure and Drama-drama then NO! I won't want the next episode if I didn't watch the previous one. TV series like this were designed to be watched in a particular sequence and it does not do the drama justice if you skip one then rewatch it later, it just doesn't work that way.  :)

Just imagine watching Game of Thrones in which the episode you skip was some major character was killed brutally. If you watched the next episode then you are already spoiled and will be expecting that characters death. Unforgiveable! Everyone should at least be scarred equally! 


I skipped many episodes of the TV series I used to watch because there are days when I am not at home. Besides, there are platforms where you can watch the missed episodes. Likewise, there are episodes when the story becomes annoying, and decide not to watch them until the story becomes favorable to the protagonist. Lol! Well, that's just me. But at the moment, there is no TV series that I watch religiously.


I used to be a fan of TV Seies and I tried following them on TV but I hated the fact that I could only watch a single episode somedays and sometimes I would not be able tp follow it some days. So I will just go out and get the whole thing on a DVD from the first Season to the last to spare myself any inconveniences from missing an episode, or returning everyday to watch a single episode.

Presently, my days of watching TV Series are long over and I only get to set eyes on them once in a while now. So, to answer your question, I don't follow them these days and missing an episode of it will do no harm at all since I will never even set eyes on it again.

I came across this one series that caught my attention but it is not like I am following it up but whenever I happen to set my eyes on the TV, I always check out the channel to see if I can catch an episode of it. If not, I just pass through.

So, I don't mind if I miss one or a dozen episodes for that matter.


I would only watch the next episode after I saw the one I missed. I want to make sure I am not missing anything. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the new episode anyway because I'll have a lot of questions in my head while watching.