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Did you every say a swear in your life?
Some of us often loose their patience and in such cases they end up swearing. I am wondering if this happened to you also and if it is a common thing...

Hell, noooooo... never...

Oops..well, then that was the first one...

Just kidding. Yes, of course. I think there is not one individual out there you has never used swearwords in his or her entire life. It can be quite naughty and annoying if someone swears frequently, but now and then might be perfectly normal.


It has really happened to me in several cases that i can not even count. I have been forced or even willingly to use the swear word in some situation back then.

Actually back then, we were made to believe that if someone is doubting you either in form of the answers you are providing in the situation and you really want to show the person that you are really saying the truth. Then you have no option than to make use of the swear word so as for him or her to believe you or what you are saying.

I have used it many times in my life in several situations.



Yes! I have said a swear before in my life. That was when I was still a teenager and did not fully know how a responsible person should live.

Sometimes, I used to swear either when I am telling someone a fact and he doubts or when I am extremely angry.

While growing up, I came to realize that it is not a right thing to do religiously and it is also a sign of immaturity, so I quit.

I like the kind of life I am living now being able to avoid those things. God is not happy when we swear.


Whenever I am angry or hungry or startled. It's hard to shake off the habit especially now that I have a kid who always immitate whatever I do or say. So I make use of other "swear words" that doesn't sound like swear words like "what the fudgee bar" or "what the heck" among others.