How affirmations can change your life to good ?

I've been an advocate of the importance of speaking positively to oneself. People who don't understand the impact of their words keep speaking carelessly. Words have power to create realities whether positive or not. Your realization doesn't make any difference just like the law of gravity. To affirm is to support, to agree, to give consent to something. This is beyond mental assent. It goes as far as our confession. When you say negative things about yourself, you are giving support to that thing thereby giving it the power to control you.

The mouth is not primarily for eating and talking. It was given to us by God to chart the course of our lives in the direction we should be headed. That's why in the book of Genesis in the creation story, we find that through words, God framed the whole world. Genesis 1:3, And God said, let there be light and there was light. I'm a Christian. Over the years, I've been taught to speak positively and make positive affirmation of those things that are in sync with God's provision for my life. It has affected not just the way I think but also everything around me.

With your words, you can talk your way out of or into trouble. Proverbs 18:21 says death and life are in the power of the tongue. If you speak life even when everything in the physical says the opposite, you will get life as long as you believe those words yourself and refuse to give in. This is because the spiritual controls the physical. If you speak death on the other hand, you will experience it.

Matthew 12:37 By thy words, thou shall be justified and by thy words thou shall be condemned. I've talked my way out of sickness without taking drugs. I've talked my way out of fear, inabilities and impossibilities. You can create anything with your words.

You are where you are today as a result of the words you've confessed over the years. Where you'll be tomorrow will be as a result of the words you're confessing today whether you realize it or not. Where your words go, that's where your life goes. This is because words are seeds. When you plant a seed, you don't get a harvest immediately. It takes time and in same way the words you are affirming regularly will produce a harvest of what you've been saying. Jesus needed food and the fig tree had no fruit because it wasn't the season. Jesus caused the fig tree that it will never produce fruit again and that was it. The tree died. You release the energy in your words every time you speak. People who are afraid, find out the root of their fears, you'll discover that it is traceable to stories they've heard overtime maybe since childhood. In same way, with words, they can talk themselves out of fear by speaking the opposite of what they are afraid of. You can talk yourself out of defeat until you build a very robust self esteem. You can shapen your life and bring order to it with your positive affirmation.

Words conditions our mind and bodies. When you speak negatively, your mind is programmed to think in that direction. Your body responds to your words. It produces healing. It speeds up recovery process too. Some years ago, someone carried out an experiment to test the power of words. He transplanted two plants same age, same height and placed them in a container filled with sand to grow. Every morning, he comes to water these plants. As he did, to one he keeps saying you'll grow well to become a giant tree. You will survive the harshest of weather condition and thrive. To the other he spoke everything negative even though he watered it. He tells the plant, you will not survive. Your leaves will turn yellow and you will dry up. Eventually the plant started to dry up even though it had same physical condition as the other and finally it died.

Don't be casual with words. Your life depends on them. Your words can either make or Mar you. Look at the life of job. He was afraid that all he's labourer for all his life, he might lose them someday. That wasn't the problem because nothing happened even though he was afraid for who knows how long. His problem started when he started to make negative affirmation in consonance with his fears and imaginations. He went ahead to confess his fears. Job 3:25-26 I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet; yet trouble came. For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. That was where his problems started from. God permitted Satan into his life but Job gave him assess through his words. He broke the hedge of protection God made around him with his Words. If you break the edge, the serpent will bite. We give evil and bad things room in our lives with our mouth.


So the reality is our brains are just....odd. Saying something enough honestly makes our brains begin to believe it, so if you're constantly putting yourself down ("I'm stupid" or similar things) then you actually start to believe that it's the truth.

Affirmations change your life for the better because they can legitimately change your brain. By saying good things about yourself and speaking in a positive manner, or even just writing down positive things, you're rewiring your brain to think these positive things and you'll change for the better because of it.

As an add-on to therapy a while back my therapist told me to try repeating something positive every time I got out of the shower and was staring at myself in the mirror. I'm not in therapy any more for a lot of reasons, but I've kept it up because it's been helpful. Sometimes it's hard, there are days when I stare at myself and can't find anything I like but I do it anyway and those days are getting fewer and farther apart as time goes on.


For a long time, I experience these episodes of sorrow, dissatisfaction, and general bitching about work circumstances. Recently, those sessions turned out to be day by day (even hourly) events. My significant other is a genuine trooper since she continued hearing the silliness I am managing at work.

I've had a manta I've been letting myself know for the most recent month or somewhere in the vicinity:

"These individuals don't make a difference since I am showing signs of improvement work elsewhere at a place that really values my insight, aptitudes, and experience."

At whatever point I got some negative idea, I quickly say my manta. *EVERY TIME* What I have seen after some time is that the negative emotions got further and facilitate separated. They didn't sting as much as they at first did. I tend to not harp on it as long either. Regardless I continue revealing to myself the mantra at arbitrary occasions amid the day. For me, these mantra help reinvent my mind when I get these triggers.

In actuality, positive certifications DO WORK. They are not some precious stone hippy poo or Stuart Smalley's "I'm sufficient, I'm savvy enough, and dang it, individuals like me". They had a significant effect on me as work through working environment disappointments in a greatly improved and profitable issue.