Do you think you'll cry when your pet dies?

Maybe Yes. Sometimes, we get so emotionally attached to some animals that separation from them is like losing a loved one especially when we meet with them very often. 

Some years ago, we had some stubborn goats who would not sleep in the house. usually, they would come around the house with other goats, late in the afternoon, eat whatever food I offered them and went back where they came from. Usually in the evenings, I'd go look for them and chase them home.

It happened that one of the kids got caught by a trap in someone's farm. The farm owner caught the young kid, and broke the bone of one of it's leg with a cutlass. Because of this state, the growing goat couldn't go out anymore. It was always in the house with me, crying from pains, refusing to eat and slowly it's life was wasting away.

I felt very sad, considering what the goat was going through. I didn't suddenly become cold hearted or callous because it was an animal. The goat eventually died and I cried like I just lost a human friend.


I think I will.

How I can not of someone sleeping next to me in my bed, night after night, for NINE long years ?


Yes, I will cry if my pet dies. Actually, I did.

When I was a kid, I had a parrot. I loved my pet. When she made the sound, I just loved it. I took her and go outside. My parrot got sick and suddenly, it was getting worse. It took my parrot to go to a  veterinarian. I was on the way. And I felt that my parrot was not moving. She was dead. I could not do anything about it. 

I returned home and I cried a lot. I can still remember that. When you really someone whether it is your pet, you cannot imagine your life without it. Some people might not understand that and say why you are crying for a parrot. I cried because I loved my parrot so much. 

Thank you for asking this question. 


This doesn't really need to be asked. Naturally we would cry if our pet dies, unless you are a heartless person or you are not really a real master to your pet.

I lost a pet from the past and it hurts really really bad. It's even sadder than breaking up with your boyfriend. Your pet was your bestfriend, family, stress-deleter and someone who will always make your day better.

It even took me months to feel 100% okay. It's just really sad, even if I thought of him right now, i still get teary eyed. There's always a special place in our hearts for our pets. And it will forever be treasured.


I know I will, I did it before, and I will do it again.

Love you can feel towards an animal can be just as intense and important as the love you feel to any person. So your pain when this creature dies, can be just as intense as well.


Some few years ago i was heartbroken and i really cried when i lost my dog called nath,the dog was a very loyal dog that is also smart,i was so close to the dog because

the dog was so friendly,calm and can be very agressive towards attackers and also the dog is beautiful,the dog

was mistakenly crushed by a car by the roadside,,it was a bad day i will never forget and i miss the dog so much...so yeah i have cried before when my pet died...


yes definitely. I get attached to pets after sometime and it will be very tough time for me.