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What's your opinion on the Brave browser? Do you use it regularly and why? ?

I have both google chrome and brave browser on my desktop pc. Brave is by far the fastest and you don't have to look at "annoying" ads. The advantages are:

  • Faster than other browsers like chrome and firefox
  • Blocks ads by default and also cookies so it's more anonymous and secure. (Website's can't track your history)
  • Brave uses it's own cryptocurrency which users can use to tip content creators or you can get paid in brave tokens by watching ads.


  • Some website's don't work well with the build in adblocker because they have an anti adblocker installed or important bits of the code are blocked. But you can turn it off when necessary for a certain site.


You can download brave browser here for free and try it out:



I have brave browser on my phone but I don't use it regularly. I use chrome more than Brace browser because it is faster. Brave browser is slow and takes ages to load a page. Sometimes you have to keep refreshing to get an updated page of a site you want to visit. It is frustrating having to keep refreshing.

Apart from these two issues, I think it is a great browser for those who have a lot of patience and yes it is quite secure and protects your password. You could give it a try though. A part from brave there are other great browsers like maxthon browser and rocket browser. You would love them too.


I have used the Brave browser several times and it is a nice browser to use.

It is faster than the chrome browser and handles the loading of images faster. I also like the fact that it doesn’t have as much advertising.

On the other hand I am so used to google making suggestions and running my life, that I have not migrated to the Brave browser because I am a creature of habit.

Thank you for your question.


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I once had it because a friend advised me to install it for filling airdrops so I could be able to create wallet extensions on it than having too many airdrop wallet apps but I didn't find the interface interesting,was kind of boring to me,just used it once and installed it..... Chrome is still my best.