What are the weird things that could make you attracted to a person ?

weird as this may sound, i really  get attracted to things like.

1. nails, both finger and toe nails. clean and neat 

2. sense of style and taste. i got a good sense in things and like quality, over quantity. regardless of your financial situation. 

3.Perfume, a good scent awakens my deepest feelings. 

4.Intelligence. i get attracted to men f a higher IQ, one who wil stimulate my thoughts, challenge and teach me

5.  Command of authority and respect. The kind of man who will enter a room and catch everybodys attention, but remain humble enough and approachable 



I am usually attracted to someone who is shy and gentle.

I really love this quality in people because when you are shy, you will be timid to do some certain things. When you are gentle, you won't be able to talk too much after I disturb you several times.

I really love those weird qualities 😀


I love people that talks too much,,i know many people are not comfortable being around someone that talks

extremely too much but as for me i personally find such weird person attractive and it seems to be that the more you keep talking the more i keep getting attracted

to the person,,the irony of it all is that i myself is the gentle type so those that talk too much find it surprising whenever they realize that i like the fact that they talk

too much,,they believe that why should such a gentle man like me find a talkative attractive but i guess some of us just get attracted to some weird attitude of people


The accent of a person could make me get attracted to

the person,i love to listen to people accent and a person with beautiful accent will definitely get my attention and

i would feel attracted to the person,,another thing that could make me attracted to a person is the way they

walk,i love people who walk with so much confidence,so if someone walks with confidence then i could get so

attracted to the person simply because of the way they walk...