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What would you consider as the greatest decade?

The 80s are by far the best time that humanity has lived. It is the moment of the economic takeoff and the industrial reconversions, the music is happy and little committed the cinema is the last father, almost all the myths of the current cinema come from the 80. 


People have fun with little money, there is so much need to pretend, technology is where it should be, construction, medicine, and not in the hands of 12 year olds. Mercedes and BMW have a few and others with simcas.

It is the time of the yuppies and the easy money on the stock market, is the time when few people bought on credit, it is the time when the cold war is no longer scary, it is the time where it was still played on the street, it is the era of quality tv, roots, rich man, poor man, Heidi and mazinger.

In terms of music, the 80s will be marked in history. A lot of talented artists who are now true legends, had its peak during that time. And I'm not saying that at other times there was no talent, but that decade in particular was a great moment to be alive and be a lover of music. And these, are some reasons that show it:


The world met Madonna and was left with her mouth open

No one. No musician will be able to fill the shoes of this star that revolutionized music and entertainment. His controversial performance during the song Like a Virgin shook an entire country and consecrated it as the only queen of pop.

While the King of Pop starred in the first "horror" music video in history

I do not think it's necessary to say which one. In addition, just that album, Thriller, is the best seller in the history of music. Who does not know the steps of any of the songs of Michael Jackson?

Two great genres joined in a song: Walk this way


Hip hop and rock came together to create a song that would not only be a success, but would serve to break down musical barriers. With Walk this way, Aerosmith and Run DMC made way for new combinations of genres and sounds.

Western pop managed to reach China by the hand of Wham!

In April 1985, Wham! It was the first Western pop group to include China in its world tour. They sang to thousands of fans and influenced many other musicians to follow their path through countries that were little visited. We all wanted to be as cool as George Michael! Or just me?

One cause brought together the most super stars in a study

httpv: //youtu.be/M9BNoNFKCBI

The song written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richi in 1985 served to help Africa's famine and unite the biggest stars of the moment: Bruce Springsteen, Cindy Lauper, Ray Charles, Kenny Rogers, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Billy Joel ... The song sold 4 million copies.

The Hair Metal emerged with exponents such as Poison, Def Lepard or Bon Jovi

In this decade, a new genre took place and soon became a worldwide phenomenon. Bon Jovi was among the first to reach number 1 on Billboard with You give love to bad name. Of course, the girls went crazy with that hair.

The first musical CD of the story was heard: 52nd street by Billy Joel

The CD was a reissue of the 1978 album, released in conjunction with the first CD music player, the Sony CDP-101, at an exorbitant price for those times. And to think that today we do not even use them!

The legendary band Nirvana released their first album in 1989

The band that began to form since the mid-80s, released their first album called Bleach in 1989 and from there there was no return. The band became the most influential of the following decade and the voice of a generation.

The 80 saw the fame reach the band that millions consider as the best in history: Queen

The band led by the mythical Freddie Mercury had been reaping successes since the 70s, but in this decade he became THE benchmark of rock. His presentations to packed stadiums and his anthems like We are the champions or We will rock you, have made this band is considered by many critics as the best in history.