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What are the amazing facts that you know about the human eye?

The most interesting fact I have ever heard about the human eye:

"It's the only organ that is the same size from the day you're born, until the day you die."


10 Amazing Human Eye Facts 

1. Never rest

Maybe you think that when you are taking a nap, your eyes rest but actually the eyes never really rest. The eyelids and the outer muscles of the eye can sometimes, but the main organs are completely rested.

2. The strongest muscle

The strongest muscles in the body lie in the eye. They are responsible for moving the eyes. So, forget your strong arms and legs, the muscles in your eyes are much stronger.

3. The eyes are very fragile

Apart from the fact that the eye is the most important organ in the body and is responsible for about 85% of the information obtained by humans, the eyes are so fragile. Eye weight is only about 28 grams.

4. Flashes 12 times per minute

In one minute, the average eye blinks 12 times and the blink lasts for one tenth of a second, so humans actually spend more time with their eyes closed than they realize.

5. Blind spots

Every human eye has a hole known as blind spots. This spot is the result of communication between the retina and the optic nerve despite the impact of blind spots on the eye that are almost invisible because both eyes work hand in hand to compensate for other blind spots.

 6. 39 million blind people

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around 39 million people worldwide are blind, while more than 239 million people suffer from a visual impairment.

7. Eye transplantation

The eye is one of the organs that cannot be transplanted, because the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain is so fragile. Thus it is almost impossible for eye reconstruction to succeed.

8. Heal very fast

The eye is one of the fastest recovering organs. Within 48 hours, treated corneal scratches will heal completely.

 9. Tears

Have you ever noticed that newborn babies do not produce tears when they cry? This is because the tear glands have not fully developed, until the baby is around 2-4 months old.

10. Eye color

Some people have different eye colors, this is known as heterochromia. The color of the two eyes is different from the innate at birth.


If I close them I see nothing. But when I dream, I can see without using them. Explain that.