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Do you think we need to have bots and communities here on musing.io?
Users rarely upvote other people's answer and the questions hardly get an upvote. DO you think we need bots and communities to curate well written and educative answers/questions?

I don't think so. First I will write about bid bots because they're the one hurting Steem platforms the most. Bid bots not only take their rewards from the rewards pool but they also do that for money. I mean, you send some Steem or SBD to a bid bot and it upvotes you according to the sent amount of Steem or SBD, but that's no sign of a true appreciation for your content or an organic growth. It's somehow like masturbation. You reward yourself for yourself. I am totally for not using bid bots, on Steemit and I would definitely not want them on musing either. About communities I can say that they won't change much the situation for the better. For some users being part of that community it will be great because they will be upvoted but the ones that are not part of any community it will only be a big disbelief in the platform to see some threads upvoted big time and yours not getting anything or just some upvotes from musing. The way musing works right now with the curation process I think is perfectly fine. If there would come much more delegations or Steem funds for more rewards that would be great and also some more moderators to do the job, but having communities I wouldn't like. Some users would be left outside of such communities and it wouldn't be fair. Considering that we the participants to musing are a community we can do something and delegate some Steem Power and that would be a sign of community work. But something defining us all as a community, not small groups here and there favoring some and ignoring others. 

That's my take on the bid bots and communities topic for musing. Hope you will find it interesting and wish you a great day!


  Steemit.com is the first interface of Steem blockchain which is plagued by bots and circle jerking. Anyone can buy votes on Steemit and promote his/her own post. Also, communities play a major role there. If one is a member of a powerful community, one can get regular upvotes from the community and its members. This will certainly make one’s posts profitable. Everyone is trying hard to get upvotes. Upvotes turns into reward in the form of SP and SBD. 

Musing.io and other Steem applications are not independent platforms till they use Steem blockchain. They run on Steem platform and use its cryptocurrency STEEM and SBD. One’s posts made on any platform viz. d.tube, musing.io, busy.org etc can also be seen on one’s Steemit account because these applications and interfaces are just the windows of Steem blockchain. Answers posted on musing.io can also be seen on Steemit.com, busy.org etc, if the user has selected the option while posting the answer. Hence, it doesn’t make any difference if musing.io posts are promoted using bidbots or not. Those posts can automatically be upvoted by the communities and auto-upvoter similar to other Steemit posts. The users can also use bidbots to promote their musing answers as they do with their Steemit posts. 

Musing.io upvotes quality questions and answers. This is the Q&A platform where answers can be posted on the Steemit blog. These answers can be seen as normal Steemit posts and are not free of bidbots and community upvotes. So, musing.io doesn’t need separate bidbots or communities to promote users’ posts. In fact, use of bidbots before the upvotes of musing.io will benefit the bots. But, if one uses bidbots after musing.io upvotes, it will be beneficial for this platform as it will increase the curation reward for musing.io that will ultimately help other users as more SP of musing.io will increase the profit of the users who receive musing.io upvotes in future.  


Community and bots would make musing bias in supporting those making good contribution on the platform. Community and bots are already affecting steemit negatively and preventing those contributing nice blogs to steemit from getting support. Most people don't support posts of people that don't belong to their community and this is not a good thing. Community creates segregation and it should never be welcomed here in musing


Bots? What will be the usefulness of bot on this platform, I do not think bot is needed because you don't need to boost your post before musing curators see it, once your answer is making sense, you will be touched..


No, Keep those damn bots out of here. I hate how they have ruined the rest of the steemit platform. This seems to be the last hold out for actual humin interaction around here. Please no bots. 


If something has ruined steemit in last one year it is bot only and these bots have been used by the spammers in a most abusive way, don't you think that it is degrading the participation aspect of community members as well and the  participation is now purely synthetic, when you have bots you do not need to talk to others or socialize with others and it is against the spirit of a community.

We do not need any bot in musing and if the musing curator read this answer my request to them do now allow bot culture to musing, I love musing because of non-bot culture and pure human to human participation  and answering of questions and that gives pleasure too and once bot comes to musing it will definitely ruin this culture.

Let's be it what it is now we just need to have some features only to curb spam questions and answers, that's all everything else is perfectly fine here.

Thank you and Have a great day.


No, I hate the bots. They are horrible. I am not sure about the communities though. They may be added after the SMT if Ned ever gets around to doing what he promises. 


I think most people are here for the musing upvote.. But bringing in communities and bots here will spoil the whole eco system.

What they can do to encourage upvoting each others comments maybe, is increase incentives in terms of points each time you upvote a comment. Points which can be turned into upvotes.