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Is it advised for an elderly person to play video games?

Why not? When you mean an elderly person I'm thinking you mean of someone that has come of age, no? I believe playing video games reduces stress and makes one utilise the function of the brain it is very healthy for elderly people to work their brain a bit instead of allowing it to stay idle which of course can cause hypertension and mental stress. Apart from doing all these I believe video games can help with relaxation especially when the elderly people we are talking about in question are retired from their jobs and are staying home doing nothing.

Although I do believe that playing video games can heighten the emotion but despite that, it is a recreational activity that I think is very healthy for the mind and the body. An elderly person do not have anything to lose playing video game for example they do not do assignments neither do they go to works especially if they are very old so staying at home and playing video game can even help them build a positive attitude and of course strengthen them mentally and physically.

Elderly people have been known to be forgetful and this is as a result of their old age, however I do think that recreational activities like videogame can give them sound mind even though it may be temporary it may help them remember things and also strengthen their retentive memory by the time this things are happening it means that they are becoming healthier by the day. That is why I think video games will really help people who are elderly and I definitely encourage it