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How to get relief from muscle pain?
First make sure that you do not have a magnesium deficiency because this can cause calf pain. You may also have referred calf pain if you have entrapment of sacral nerves at the level of S1 and S2. There are vascular concerns if you have calf pain with walking. It is called intermittent claudication and may be a problem with people who have vascular disease and trouble with atherosclerosis. It may get better with rest. But if it happens even with rest the blockage of the blood flow would be more serious. This can get worse if you are a smoker because this further constricts blood flow. It might be wise to see a vascular doc to do doppler studies to evaluate pulses and signs of decreased blood flow. If you suspect it is more likely a back issue a orthopod or neurosurgeon is your best bet.
Eliminating muscle pain can be done by :
giving warm water compresses on muscle pain
This compress is done to widen blood vessel in place of pain, so that blood flow become smoothly besides that warm compress can give comfort.

Boiling water with ginger
You can try boiling water ginger-cut, compress the diseased muscle part with ginger cooking water while still warm.

Eating Bananas with high potassium levels in them can prevent you from muscle pain.

Apply olive oil
Olive oil applied to the sore area then give a gentle massage, the substance contained in olive oil can reduce muscle tension which ultimately helps relieve pain.

This is a very very broad question. When did you start to experience this pain? Is it chronic (ongoing, all the time) or acute (sharp, immediate pain or it just began and is very painful) without a more specific question and details, this is not possible to answer. Add these details and i am sure you will get a much better selection of answers worth your time reading.
The use of topical medicines such as balsam by applying them around areas of pain will provide a relaxing effect of pain, cold sensation, and increase calcium levels so as to help smooth the blood flow and accelerate the healing of pain.

With the loss of pain, it does not mean your muscles are fully recovered. To get the muscle fully recovered try avoiding too much exercise in a few days until the pain disappears, and switch your activity to a lighter sport so that the muscles can stay active during the healing phase.
Muscle pain or myalgia is a pain that appears in the muscle. This is a common condition and can happen to everyone.

Muscle pain can begin to feel when someone is doing the activity or after. This condition can be felt in any part because almost all parts of the body have muscle tissue and usually does not involve just one muscle. Muscle pain may involve ligaments, tendons, and fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue that connects muscles with muscles and surrounding tissues such as nerves and blood vessels.

Regarding the technique of treating muscle pain is not limited to one way because this effort can be done anywhere, either alone or by medical personnel.
I have always felt that muscle pain can be relieved by stretching in the long term. The warming and stretching of muscles not generally used everyday alleviates and tension and tightness and over time will reduce chronic pain. Letting your muscles rest and not overworking them can also relieve the pain.
Some stretches, such as Warrior II, stretch the muscles in the quadriceps which can help with knee/joint pain as well.

Getting blood flow to the muscles is important for healing. Stretching/Yoga allows blood access to these areas by using and opening them through various poses.

Short term, there are many balms, medications and topical solutions that can aid in relief of muscle pain and soreness.
Muscle pain is something that is hurtful and whenever someone have muscle pain they tend to quickly feel pains whenever they are touched or whenever they try to move their body,you can use some drugs to treat the body ache and also you can simply visit your doctor
According to my point of view to relief muscle pain the best solution and the easy way not only to keep muscle relief also to keep our body free and relax is do daily YOGA and EXERCISE daily and go to gym for maintaining body. Automatically this problem will be solved and also the body will keep relaxing from our pain.

There are plenty of Gym you can join and not only gym you have to take care of food also not to take junky foods as usual but there are some reasons where you can get some amount of more pain in muscle then you should immediately visit to the doctor i think he can give you best advise instead of time wasting here.