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What is the wrong age to teach kids about sex?

Never. In fact, it's advantageous to children to teach them as early as possible and there should not be this huge taboo around it.

Teaching kids young means they understand. It means if anything happens to them there isn't this big mystery around it and they have this understanding that what happened to them was wrong and they can feel more comfortable coming forward. It means that teens are less likely to get pregnant because, guess what, they know how sex works and if you don't do it stupidly and teach only abstinence in terms of sex but instead teach all forms of sex including how to have it safely teens stop having sex because of the taboo and mystery and when they do have sex it's usually protected because they understand.

You're not protecting your kids by keeping these kinds of things from them. They will eventually begin to want answers, and if they don't or can't get it from you or their teachers or any other adults in their life they will turn to the internet for it. So take the mystery out, teach them early, teach them about consent and safe sex. They'll be better for it in the long run.


The period between adolescence and adultery


I personally think this depends from kid to kid. Some kids developed an early maturity while some are late bloomers.

I'm no parent myself but parents "just know" when's the right time to teach their kids about this stuff. Parents should be able to assess how their kids are likely to take such topics.

Like how some 7 year old kids now are mature enough to talk about such topics while some 7 year old still giggles and treat such topics as a joke.


Early sex education does not need to be considered taboo. This activity does not provide children's knowledge about the sexual behavior of adults, but to recognize themselves. Chairperson of the National Commission for Child Protection, Arist Merdeka Sirait, said such permissive thinking must be changed so that sex education can be given to children.

"Sex education is necessary so that children recognize sexual intercourse given by God and must be protected and maintained.

The introduction of these vital organs includes an explanation of the function of the vagina, breast and penis. This knowledge is considered important so that children can know clearly and not wrongly.

The ideal age for sex education is given since children can communicate and start asking questions regarding vital organs. "This means that it can start at the age of two," Arist said.

In addition, this education is important to provide so that children can get information directly from parents. Because sensitive information that is hidden can trigger children to search from other sources, one of which is the digital world that has unlimited information.

Meanwhile, obstetric and gynecology specialist Boyke Dian Nugraha revealed that sex education can prevent free sex, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, rape, and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Lack of knowledge about sex can cause unwanted pregnancies at an early age. As a result, it can make children have unsafe abortions and lead to an increased risk of maternal death.