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How can you solve smart phone addiction problem?
Smart phone addiction and its resolution

Smartphone addiction is a problem to many. While many users may be addicted due to smartphones being their source of income probably with some online business or so. Many are just addicted maybe to the chats, games and so on.

In solving the issue of smartphone addiction, it is imperative that the user should accept that he/she is addicted to smartphone. Many can't do without their phone a day. It is like you have taken a huge part of them away.

There are certain applications that can be installed that will give the total amount of time and data spent on each application. This will naturally make the user feel somehow that lots of hours that would have been productive is being spent on smartphones.

Most of these smartphone addictions are basically addiction to social media apps. **Delete** them. Deleting the social media applications means you spend little time with your phone l. It also has an advantage because you can now appreciate offline friendship more rather than virtual friendship that takes valuable time.

What is the world without the internet. What is a smartphone without the internet. No internet no addiction. Disconnect your internet from the smartphone and you curb smartphone addiction


It will be great if there is someone who will constantly remind you that you are too engaged on your smartphone all the time. Ideally the person should be with you most of the time (e.g. your spouse, close friends or family).

Next, make some rules for yourself to follow. For example, no using phones during meals and after 10pm. Have some self imposed punishments whenever you violate those rules.

Finally, it will be nice to also have a distraction. For example, reading books or working out. During these times, chuck your phone aside and focus on the other activities.

Ultimately, getting rid of an "addiction" always requires self discipline. And it will be impossible without self discipline and the conviction to break the addiction.

P.s. this answer is posted from a smartphone. Lol..


1. Remove Less Important Applications

Sometimes the use of social media applications will only add a sense of dependence and addiction to smartphones without the slightest benefit. Removing a social media application is a good thing, besides you will not be addicted to a smartphone, you can also make your cellphone capacity more spacious.

2. Limits on the Use of Smartphones with Applications

If you find it difficult to escape from your cellphone, try to download an application that will help you control smartphone usage. Locking applications like AppDetox and Rescue Time can help you to stop using your cellphone. Then, you can set the time for using the cellphone. So, if you violate your own rules, the application will give you notifications continuously to give rest time on the cellphone.

3. Turn off Notifications

This one is clearly effective. With you turning off notifications or turning your smartphone into Airplane Mode, it will make you reduce consumption of cellphones. Although for people who are quite dependent, turning off notifications will not help much. At the very least, you will not check your cellphone every time there is a clink of a notification ringing.

4. Leave Mobile

Start trying to leave your mobile in a different place with you. For example, try not to carry your cellphone into the bedroom while going to sleep. To be more extreme, maybe one day you will start trying to leave your cellphone at home without any anxiety.

5. Change the Minimalist Cellphone

If Communication is indeed a very important thing and makes it difficult for you to leave your cellphone, you can buy a minimalist cellphone in terms of features. With this cellphone, your choice to do activities with cellphones is very limited and will certainly help you feel lazy holding a cellphone.


6 Tips for overcoming cell phone addiction

1. Reduce cellphone usage gradually

Mobile phones are still very useful objects so it is impossible not to use them at all. Even suddenly not using a smartphone from what was originally addicted can be more psychologically damaging. To fight addiction, Cooper advised to turn off the handset a few minutes a day, then longer in the following days.

2. Know where to use a cellphone

One must know and realize when not to use the handset. Like when driving because it can break down concentration and lead to accidents. Or maybe at sacred events.

3. Talk a lot

Conversations in the real world cannot be replaced by chat via cellphone or sending messages. Talking face to face gives more understanding of what the other person feels and how the response is right. According to Cooper, communication involves a lot of body language and real relationships will not occur only with cell phone conversations.

4. Exercise a lot

Lots of exercise and leave your handset. Exercise can make you feel happy and can treat depression that may occur due to excessive smartphone use.

5. Measure cellphone usage

A cellphone user might not realize how much time they spend using it and what they have missed. Whereas the best moment moments occur in the real world, such as the first kiss or chatting pleasantly with the closest people.

6. Use wisely

Cell phones cannot be denied to be useful for life. For example, many applications that are useful to help life become better or as a means of communicating with distant colleagues. But according to Cooper, it would be nice to use the handset wisely until it does not interfere with the user's social life.


Smart phone addiction is a major problem nowadays because a children nowadays are using smart phone for gaming purpose at a small age. Youngsters are using smart phone for their work purpose and more internet activity and also elders are using smart phone for listening devotional song and videos.

There are various ways we can solve the problem of mobile phone addiction.

1) we can reduce the use of a smart phone by playing outdoor games.

2) we should put limit on a usage of smart phone.

3) we can decrease the use of mobile phone by stopping the games.

4) we should power the mobile battery once after then we can be free from the usage of smart phone.