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Do you believe in love at first sight? How do you define TRUE love? Is it important to have healthy sex relationship in order to develop true love?

Wow that's a lot of questions and will try to answer all of them one by one. :)

Do you believe in love at first sight?  Borderline YES! Admit it or not, one's physical appearance is what will attract us first on a random stranger. Someone with an attractive appearance will likely stand out in a crowd making us fall to that person and eventually make us take some action. However over time, what will matter is the compatibility between you two ergo if you can take his/her personality. People who are lucky to have met someone compatible to their personality at first sight usually believes in this kind of love. Love can indeed occur at first sight provided that other person is compatible to your personality.

How do you define TRUE love?  I personally think it is considered to be TRUE Love if someone can let go of his/her own selfish desires just to make the other person happy. This usually is what Parents have for their children. They make a lot of sacrifices just to ensure the child's safety and give him/her a good stress-free future. Romantically, I believe if your partner can set aside some of his happiness with regards to yours then it is true love. A good example for this would be one who is "addicted" to smoking/gambling, if one could give up that addiction just for the sake of the other person then no questions ask.

Is it important to have healthy sex relationship in order to develop true love? VERY! Hate it or not, sex is a vital part to ensure a long lasting relationship with someone. Every human has needs that can only be fulfilled by the other person. A "healthy sex relationship" is just the ideal recommended amount for this, not that much and not that lacking just plain healthy.


Love at first sight??i do not believe in it

yes i do see it on movies but realistically i do not believe its existence but i believe in the word “love” itself..

as for me my own understanding about true love is a love that happens for no reason,i believe that true love should not be conditional,

i believe when you truly love someone you will love them naturally without any conditions attached to it,some people love some people because of some conditions

but i think that loving someone because of a certain thing is not really what a true love is about,there is a saying that “when you know why you love someone then it was never love”

And in a relationship i do not believe that a healthy sex would make you to develop true love for a person,but rather it would make you to develop “true lust” for the person in my own words.....


Love at first sight is a very interesting concept and many people begin to replace it with attraction at first sight. love at first sight usually arises when you see someone who reflects on yourself. What is unique about love at first sight is that it provides an opportunity for yourself to project and fantasize about who the figure has just met. In most cases, love at first sight is actually a projection of one's own desires and after knowing more about the person, many people actually experience disappointment. Love at first sight is more often something that is created by someone in their own mind, based on what they want to believe.

Women As human beings who are very sensitive, usually want to have sex only with people they want or who are loved. This is because women need a deeper inner bond than just physical activity. But for one reason or another, it turns out that sex without love can happen.

Over time, sex will also fade. About 59% of women want more sex than their partners, while 61% say their sex intensity has decreased. In fact, sex can keep you close to your partner, reduce stress levels, increase the immune system, and make the body feel better overall.

love paves the way for the experience of sex. Wherever, as long as the first love is present it will usually open up opportunities for the first experience of having sex. If you come from a background or religion that only gives a green light to post-marriage sex, sex will certainly be your mental test and patience.

Your first sexual experience often goes less smooth or imperfect. This is very natural because of your lack of knowledge and you don't know your partner's body properly.


I believe Love at first sight is there

First sight love is often an attraction and is believed to have its own power. But love at first sight does not have a strong foundation because it is only a category of Lust Love or crazy. A relationship that is driven by an external attraction and has a strong atmosphere of sexual desire. Meanwhile, emotional intimacy and commitment did not exist or did not exist at the time.

Commitment is born from a decision-making process to decide consciously and deliberately that he is willing to maintain a relationship to be lasting or long-term. While Love First View does not pass through a conscious and deliberate decision-making process. Love First View is spontaneous and reflexive, with no thought in mind, no rationality at all. In other words, Love First View does not have a commitment component at all.

Love First View is generally in the form of physical attraction. Interested in his face: beautiful, sweet, handsome, ethnic face, or on the shape and color of the eyeball, the shape of the nose, lips, forehead, chin, mustache, sideburns, hairstyle. Interested in body shape or stature: thin, tall, slim, fat, full of solid, athletic or big height and so on.

True love is not the same as sex

Love is a process; sex is an action. Love can be learned; sex is an instinct. Love requires continuous attention; sex doesn't need to be like that. Love takes time to develop and mature; sex doesn't need time to develop. Love requires emotional and spiritual interaction; sex only requires physical interaction. Love makes relationships deeper; sex without love makes relationships tenuous.

Basically there are three behaviors in fostering relationships with others, which is often called "Love".


The weight of sexual relations in a couple is of great importance, so much so that if a marriage does not have them can be cause for divorce, but true love is usually one of the goals in the life of anyone. Finding that person to spend the rest of your days with. But if there's one thing that's hard, it's finding it. There are people who are lucky and find it with their first friends, while others look for a lifetime and never get to know it. So, for the avoidance of doubt, here are five ways to recognize true love in a relationship.

Many relationships based exclusively on a great sex can stay on that label without transcending other levels of commitment.

Don't forget that love leads to sex, but sex doesn't necessarily lead to love.

Love has a scientific explanation. According to experts, this sensation is due to a reaction of chemical substances between human beings. Love goes through different phases until a relationship is extinguished or lasts forever. A relationship where we have found true love should generally be of the second type. But people can change, and that very much conditions the stability of a relationship.

What is true love?

Finding true love can be the most important adventure of your life.

Finding true love can be the most important adventure of your life.

It's acceptance

The two members of the couple must accept each other as they are, regardless of the past, wanting the present and accepting the future. No matter the defects or the virtues, both are complementary.

It is independent

A relationship in which one cannot live without the other is not a relationship of true love. Each one is independent and autonomous, but it is at times when one cannot overcome a difficulty that the two together manage to overcome it.

It is long-lasting

True love is eternal. It is capable of overcoming all the difficulties that the relationship can go through, coming out of them reinforced. This is one of the key points to know if it is really true love.

It is natural

It happens because it has to happen, but at no time should it be sought. It may seem like a coincidence, but true love, if it happens, is because it was destined for it. But it is also not something that happens overnight, but requires work.

It is freedom

True love is based on mutual trust, and not being accountable to anyone for what you do. For example, you don't have to think about infidelities because you know the other person doesn't need it. There are no demands, and both are sacrificed for each other when necessary.


I actually love this question as it requires a deep explanation about understanding what relationship and true love is all about. I will have to scrutinize and analyse each question completely to enable everyone comprehend this.

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

It actually depends on what got you attracted to the person involved. Some guys are attracted to the curve or sexiness of a lady while some lady may be attracted to the body of a guy. The fact is most of this sometimes occurs as a result of "lust" and not "true love". This is because you are probable thinking about how you can have sex with such person.

I am not saying there isn't love at first sight but most of it isn't genuine as they are mostly lust and not love.

You may also fall in love at first sight provided the person you saw possesses all your requirements you need or want from your future spouse.

For example, I love a lady who is chaste and good in character/God fearing. Let's say I went to visit my friend for holiday and I observed a lady speaking to people with respect and demure in character, there is high chance of me falling in love with such lady because that is what I wanted.

To answer your question, I do believe in love at first sight but not 100% let's say 70%(winks).. Lols.

How Do You Define True Love?

Every individual have different ways of defining true love based on their level of understanding and experience.

For me, I believe true love is all about sacrifice. I believe true love is all about loving people for whom they are and not for what they are.

Some people fall in love because of wealth, some fall in love because of beauty or handsomeness, some are in love because of their partner's status and many other reasons. The question you should ask yourself is will the love still be there when your partner looses his or her beauty? Will the love still be there when your partner goes broke? Will the love still be there when your partner losses his or her status? If you can answer all this questions in affirmative, or with a strong yes, that defines true love.

Is it important to have healthy sex Relationship in other to develop True Love?

Firstly I will say true love isn't all about sex but sex is part of love because it comes naturally between two lovers. It serves as a bond which sometimes hold lovers in place and also increases the love between them.

But having sex doesn't sometimes guarantee true love because some people just love to have sex with you and when they are fed up or satisfied with your service they find a means of breaking up the relationship. This kind of people aren't genuinely in love with their partner. It is always advisable to avoid such people who just love to have sex with you without making any positive impact in your life. This kind of people see their partner as sex object and anyone who does this isn't truly in love but in lust.

I will have to stop here for now because I still have more questions to answer on this great platform. Always remember to choose your partner carefully.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Its been long that we've been hearing that statement " Love at first sight" . Before now, I used to be part of those that talk about it but when I came to understand what love truly is I knew the statement was an "ERROR". I do not believe in love at first sight.

True Love is an emotion that originate from the deepest part of the heart. It has no blemmish, it's always unconditional. True love never grow old. It takes time for true love to build. Its a gradual process that doesn't come overnight.

Let me give some examples/questions that will differentiate true love from love at first sight.

Assuming you met a girl for the first time and you develop love at first sight but unfortunately you couldn't have her digits and lost her from there. How much will you think of her? Days, weeks, months or years?.

On the other hand, you met a girl, you became friends, you fell in love i mean you develop authentic love for her and she disappeared just like that. How worried will you be?

If we will have to be candid, the truth of the matter is we will be far worried in the case of the second question than the first. If you claim you have first sight love what was the reason behind it. Beauty, shape, or what have you?. The only thing that happens at first sight is admiration and first time likeness mostly because of appearance.this is really mistaken for love at first sight. I don't believe it, its a scam.a mere talk of the tongue. For Love to fully develop, TIME is involved.

Healthy sex relationship is very important but it is not a yarstic for developing true love. I'm not disputing the fact that healthy sex relationship isn't something that should be present in a relationship but true love is far beyond only sex. I have seen couples that boast of their spouse among friends astoching sex matters but later got separated. Why? Simply because that alone couldn't hold the relationship. When we talk about true love, it has no measure. In the absence of healthy sex, true love will stay and weather the storm with you. Find possible solution for you to be happy together. True love is uncondition.


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