What's the price of steem 10 years from now from your opinion?
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It is just my oppinion

But I think 100-500$
well .... inflation ... classic economy lol ... supply and demand ... new systems .. there is no telling really ... id say if it becomes the new facebook it might hold a decent value since advertisers would have to buy steem ... bit otherwise i dont think its possible to put a tag on it, the current downfall has to do with very few people on very few accounts dumping large amounts, it could be steemwhales trying to regulate the price as SBD was supposed to be $1 ... (dont ask me why) it could be EOS or TRON or any chinese or korean whale trying to dump it to gain market space ... no idea ... sbd is back to one, which i clearly notice as my account value and vote is zip now and steem i down i dont know the point would be the big whales trying to figure out ways to get investors instead of acting all enlightened content nazi

the obvious question here is :

- would you accept co-operation with government or banks

- would you accept advertising as a means of income for steemit to keep the price up

and all those other things people seem to ignore which are the things that make google and facebook what they are : RICH motherffffffffffffffff
It depends, for example now the price is almost exactly the same as the last year so its just a point to think about
If you look at google and if steem is useful in the future, which I am actually not actually sure about, then it could go as high as 1000 USD but the more I am on steemit, the more I am wondering about its usefulness. So, we can post our blog at steem and make money - this is actually not true. You can't make money if no one votes for you and you only have a 7 day window to make money. After that, your post is basically useless for making money. If you own your own blog, you can monetize it with ads or affiliate links but with steemit, what can you do?
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It is too hard to say for 10 years. I would like to say more than $10 in a year.
The main thing with Steem is that it will be supplied infinite. So demand should be higher than supply by then. I think after a while value starts to decrease but in a few years maybe around 10 or so.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say ZERO.
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I think it will go more higher, because of the present of many new platform and app on steem blockchain :)