Who should be blamed for the moral decadence in the society?
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If blame is placed anywhere it is placed upon oneself. It is easy to see what is wrong and say that is the fault of so and so, When talking about society it comes down to everyone or the majority in theory. The system continues to decay and reward a select few and will continue to do so until a time comes around. That people want that change, that what is becomes no longer acceptable. At this point people want change more than someone to point a finger at.

The blame lies with the population doing nothing to protect the future generations that will follow. The mentality now is I am okay.  I have my finance and when I get some more I will hep you with a smaller amount. There is nothing toward the benefits of society. The thoughts never go past what a person needs or wants right then.

We have the ability right now to make those changes and people ignore them for the chance of gaining some profit. So long as the top few can have those at the bottom chasing pennies thy will always stay at the top.

People coming together and working together to make this change is needed. If things get worse the blame belongs with all of us for not doing enough in prevention or effort to make a positive change. 

I think that the 'problem' lies within the phenomenon of 'blame' itself, and not whom to blame (for whatever). If the individuals within society look to blame someone or something for their condition in life, then this is an indication that they are unwilling to take responsibility for themselves. A term like 'moral decadence' is vague and subjective, and any number of groups can have fingers pointed at them and be blamed for pretty much anything, depending on what the speaker's viewpoint, prejudice or preference is. This is a random approach, and fails to tackle deeper issues.

The deeper issues that give rise to dysfunctional behaviour (I refuse to sanction such a judgemental term as 'morality') in society are the same as those that give rise to dysfunctional behaviour in individuals, only scaled up! Dysfunctional behaviour is that which is out of alignment with, or restricts or limits fundamental human dignity, freedom and free will (something along these lines anyway). Examples of this abound in the world at all levels of inspection.

Rather than looking at whom to blame, I would say that a lot of the pain and misery in the world is propagated by individuals (and groups) who do not take responsibility for themselves, their actions, their words, the effect on others of their lifestyle choices, the externalisation of their anger etc etc.  In other words, BLAMING itself is a big part of the problem that 'blaming' tries to solve.

A very large part of the 'problem' is that of seeking someone to blame, some one or group on whom the consequences can be thrust, a target or scapegoat for anger and frustration, envy, fear. However, blaming does not lessen the pain, fear and anger in the world, it only compounds it in the manner of "an eye for an eye and the whole world ends up blind."

Rather than blame anyone or any thing or group or event for our condition in life, or how we feel about things, let us take responsibility for ourselves such that we be the examples of functional human beings (use 'morality' if you will, although I don't like the term at all) with a mature and respectful attitude to self and others. A relatively small shift in perspective can kick-start the revolution, the ugliness of the blame-game is worth exposing!

If you believe that people were born in tabula rasa (meaning people were born with a blank state without any idea of rules) then it is socialization within society that promotes decadence. 

If you believe that humans were born innately with a set of processes that are passed down through evolution that give us a hardwired sense of right from wrong, then I would say that we choose decadence. 

There is scientific research supporting both theories. 

Either way I don't believe anyone is to blame.  

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Parents are the first role teenagers have to investigate. The extent of the filtration of parents at home to the pattern of teenagers outside. Is there a mutual communication? Or miscommunication that causes our teenagers to fall into the unfiltered westernization culture.

The role of parents is very necessary, and is the first thing that teenagers consume when opening their eyes in the morning. It is necessary to have a good role for growth and and current moral development of adolescents.

Parents' responsibility is not only limited to giving their teenagers food, shelter, or outward needs. But far from that, spiritual values need to be planted so that they are ingrained in themselves and in their daily relationships.

In addition, parents and teachers must be able to display a good image. For example like this, if parents forbid children not to smoke, then parents must work together with the rules they set,

blame is a waste of time while you should be looking for solutions

blame is postponing the solution, it is avoiding hacking at the root-core of the problem

blame is for politicians

solutions first

plenty of time for revenge when the world is perfect

Parents should always supervise the activities carried out by their children such as not watching shows that are not in accordance with their age and always control their children so as not to open a prohibited and inappropriate website to open. In addition, parents must limit their children's interactions so that they are not carried away by negative currents. Moral and religious education is very important to be taught to children in school. In addition to parents, teachers and the community also play a role in shaping good morals for children so as to create national morality with a noble character.

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The society itself. Nothing in the world can happen without the consent of the people. Every atrocity, every thing that you may refer as decadence is happening with the consent of the people. Now, it may be groups of people acting behind the scene to degrade human kind as much as possible, but the human kind and every society is also responsible to such acts. 

Once the society doesn't compel anymore with the moral standards, the trends and behavioral patterns that some might induce to the masses nothing will have any effect on us. So, ultimately it is us, you and me and other 7 billion people that are part of this moral decadence. 

Simply because we accept it and its idiocy.