Why It is better to tell a truth ?
Because we tell many too much lie and it is not good.

It's almost always better to tell the truth to other people than to lie to them. For every single lie you tell to other people you risk of being found out lying. Being found lying isn't something you want for obvious reasons. What makes lying even worse is when the person/people you lie to ask you to elaborate more on the lie you just told. You may need to tell a bunch of other lies or even construct a consistent and logical story to cover up the initial lie and every single lie may be exposed at any moment.

Of course there are always exceptions for every rule. One may find it's justified to lie when your life is being threatened and you can save yourself by lying or telling a harsh truth to someone may cause them to be mentally devastated. Everyone has a different moral view on when lying is permissible for them.

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Truth always keep us free from worries and thinkings which make us sad.once we lie then we have to speak more lies to hide our lie..this make us afraid that telling truth will prove our image wrong before our family or someones.but when we lie again and again we think we are safe but that is wrong because it's just a wall of weak bricks around us which can be broken by any one.then our truth will be before everyone.this wil be then shameful situation because we have to admit heap of our lies instead of single lie.becuse I am sure that truth can't be hide.it is just one side of lying.

On other hand we have many religions and beliefs in this world.no religion says us to tell lie.speaking truth is the universal truth.we all should accept this by open heart.this is reality of life.sometimes it's good to hide truth but not necessary to tell lie instesd of telling truth.

Happiness and respect is always hidden behind the truth.


You know, i think this question is more philosophical than most people realize. 

Why is it better to tell a truth? This is what I believe.

I think the world is the way it is because people are and have always been unable to tell the truth in all matters. When its a nice thing, people find the truth easy but when its a difficult task, they shy away from the truth and hide behind little falsities here and there. Also in trying to spare people's feelings, we end up lying and the problem with lies is that they never end at one. One lie leads to another and another and before you know it, you're in a lie tornado. 

I for one think that it is better to say the truth, no matter how bitter it is, than to lie and spare a person's feelings. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I feel that if people don't want to lie, then they shouldn't put themselves in positions where they have to. But as I said, its a philosophical question and what I just explained above is my philosophy

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Because trust is important and you don't want to trust someone that is known best by telling lies would you? Not telling the truth can become a chronic habit until the person believes their own lies that these become the truth. 

Once people found out about your lies, it's your reputation that would get hurt. That's not easy to mend. 


Karena jikalau kita jujur maka orng-orng akan selalu percaya kepada kita ,itulah pentingnya kita jujur


I want to answer this question with a good example. One of the characters who left their childhood years is the wooden puppet Pinocchio whose nose is no longer lying. Have you ever thought about the real reason why this character is so popular?

Pinocchio, who is the hero of a story that is always set up to advise children to tell the truth, in fact, we all have a piece in it. In other words, everyone is hiding or manipulating facts at least a few times throughout their lives. Even though we try to be honest, we can sometimes believe that pink lies will bring us to a better point. But the truth is not really so. Because always telling the truth is of great importance not only in terms of morality, but also in the sense of personal development as it enables the person to be strong enough to face himself and the facts.

I think your question has been an adequate answer.


It is so challenging when you are about to tell the truth. Even if the truth can hurt the other, it is the best thing to do, to clean with anything you're holding on. 

Because if you are not telling the truth as soon as possible it will make your relationship ruin because relationship are based on trust and honesty. If you keep hiding things from your significant other, it will just only make the truth sting so much more for other. Telling the truth as soon as possible will lessen the pain and make your partner more willing to work things out.

Because if you are not telling the truth you can't keep it hide and move on if you are still holding on. You just prolonging the process of healing if you are not telling the truth. If you are not being honest, there is no way to start the healing process. You and your partner need to figure out how to handle this situation in a way that benefits the both of you. Just be honest, it will work out for the both of you. If you remain hiding the truth, you will also remain angry because you will start blame yourself and become self-loathing. The guilt of keeping the secret from someone will start to go away at your mind and make you feel terrible inside. Telling the truth will be better not only for your partner, but also for yourself.