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What is the reason for Bitcoin dump?
Give me proper reason for Bitcoin pump on seeing today market

Img source : nano.do/enterprise-forth-axis

In  my opinion, the massive decline experienced by Bitcoin over the past 2  weeks was due to the super negative sentiment that occurred when  Hardfork Bitcoin Cash November 15, 2018.

Why can I conclude this?

Since  rumors of a dispute between the Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC, the  confidence of the crypto marketers slowly disappeared, and BOOM !, after  hardfork was done, and expectations were not appropriate, investors  took off their ownership in Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. Of course, FOMO also follows it quickly, and the effect has an impact on the whole crypto space.

There Is a HOPE!

However, positive things happen in Ripple (XRP). Instead of experiencing a continuous decline, RIpple can outperform Ethereum once again. This shows that there is little hope in crypto space, and shows that Ripple's vision is better.

Ripple's vision is not to replace traditional financial systems like the majority of other crypto currencies. Instead, Ripple intends to improve traditional financial systems with blockchain technology. So, transactions can be directed, fast, easy, cheap, cross-border, and transparent.

So, my big hope remains in Ripple which will show how blockchain should be used in the future. 


It is not called dump buddy.

It is the home coming of BTC to the realm of its true value and this drop should continue till 2000 usd per bitcoin and at that level it should be stable till eternity.

Last year pump was actually speculation and by scam and that is why it is making the U turn towards the target of 2000 usd.

The entire crypto market is re-evaluating itself and trying to reach its parity.