Is education needed to become a rich?

I don't think both education and becoming rich is related. In the history we can see various great leaders with no basic educational qualification. At the same time people with great education have also made history. I would like to take the first set of people as example because with education becoming rich is something quite obvious and anyone can do. 

How education helps in becoming rich?

WIth basic education people can easily acquire the skills that will be necessary to become a rich person. A good student who is intelligent and highly dependent on education will make use of the knowledge gained from education to climb big ladders in the life to become rich. You can check success stories of so many great people in the world who studied really hard and reached a good position to own lots of money. Sundar Pichai is one good example you can take. There are many entrepreneurs all over the world who have been a good degree holder and who have been a great repository for huge wealth.  

For people who don't care about straight forward methods to become rich, education is not at all a big matter to them. People with good talents as well as bad tallents somehow find a way to earn the money they require in life. It is either luck favours them or the hard work that helps them become rich. 

Politicians in India

We can take Indian Politicians as a great example. Most of the politicians in India have no basic education. They either act in movies to become famous and then stand in election or they become famous from some other background. There have been leaders in India who cannot even read or write. Some of these politicians have been a good leader and some were and still are with great treasure and nothing else. Most of the politicians in India are well versed with lots of money. With that money only they try to win elections again and again. 

Now this is going to be interesting for you. The image you see above went viral few months back. You can read about  Sellur K. Raju who is one of the politician in Tamil Nadu, India who is very famous for his ignorance. He became very famous in just a small span of time. All he did was that he tried to prevent river water from evaporating by covering it with thermocol. He is one of the richest politicians in Tamil Nadu. He also quoted that he spent several lakhs in implementing this project. You can imagine now if education is required to become a rich person or not. Just imagine what type of education these politicians would have got. I have also heard stories where people who are rich enough are even capable of buying their fake degree. They don't really have to go to school or college to study. If they spend some enough money they will get their education degree. That is what many rich people have been doing in India. 

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Many people feel that the higher the title that is carried by the name, the higher the success that will be achieved. Even though this is not necessarily true. Sometimes the titles we have got do not determine the direction of our career success in the future. Indeed hard work and enthusiasm should be used as a foundation.

You can't just rely on an education degree to reach your dreams. Beyond that, you need a passion that is always burning and endless hard work. When you start entering the wilderness of the world of work, you are required to always work hard so you can climb the steps to the peak of success. A spirit that never goes out is needed so you don't decide to stop and fall in the middle of the road.

If all this time you still think that the high level of education that you have can always succeed in leading someone to the peak of success, change your mindset right now. Only fighting spirit and hard work can be the main ingredients for tasting success.Often the bachelor's degree behind the name makes us forget. Indeed, to get it we need a desperate struggle for approximately 4 years. Waking up in the morning for morning lecture, staying up late working on a task, not to mention when I have to fall up to wrestle with a thesis. Sometimes this is used as an excuse for the title that has been embedded behind the name.

There is Success and Rich Formula

Everyone has their own principles in life, but if you are asked to be successful, of course there are various principles that you need to apply and this is a global view of everyone who has tasted the taste of wealth and success.


A bulk of millionaires did not come to money because of smarts. 

They either inherited it or received in a course of their non-intellectual careers. 

However, for a person who's not gifted with an outstanding talent, or rich ancestors,

education is that one thing that can actually help them work their way up the ladder. 

Not just any education in any field.

If you want to make money you need to choose education in a field that have money. 

There are very few philosophers who made it big in today's world, and you will not be among them.

There's a bunch of very wealthy accountants, doctors, architects, lawyers, engineers, business, and finance people.

It's much easier to become one of those. 

And you need education to do that.

If not for the know-how, then it's for the connections to people in the industry.

That guy you get shitfaced with in freshman year? 

Maybe his father have a multi-million dollar company and will hire you? 

You never know. 

"I don't need school to make it big" will not provide you those opportunities.

Not to say that it don't have it's own benefits.


At my early age I believed a person should study and get a good grade to be rich,if not, he do end up poor. My parents and the society contributed to this believe and I did every thing possible to have the grades then go out , work and then the money start flowing. This believe kept on until I saw graduates working as a primary school teachers, some conductors on public bus and others unemployed. After searching for why, I learnt education wasn't really a guarantee for richness though a vital path in the society we live in.

Being rich can come from education but is not really a criteria to be rich. Being rich comes from doing what you love most and having a mindset of the Rich


Depends on your definition of “education.”

If the conventional one of institutionalize does learning, no.

If true to the root of the word, educe - pertaining to bringing out the natural potentials and nourishing an individual’s unique gifts - yes.


Formal education not necessarily.  The ability to process and synthesize information at a high rate or at a better pace than others is most paramount.  In open markets those that can process likely results in the future and move toward trends more quickly tend to be uber rich and massively revolutionary in what they do.


Well, it depends on what kind of education. 

For me, education is necessary to achieve your dreams of becoming rich. Being uneducated will cost you a fortune in life. 

But what I am talking about is life education rather than formal education. Formal education can limit to what you can do and might think that you can be just what you've studied. 

But life education, learning valuable things, skills and many things that aren't taught in school are the things that can make you rich like how to deal with people or influence them, business skills that you can learn by watching or reading.