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Why people are lazy to wake up in morning?

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 It is not always about being lazy. It also depends on the combination of genetics and environment (some people work multiple jobs, work night shifts, others party until 4am, people in Alaska get 13hrs of sunlight in the summer, teenagers need more sleep, older people need less of it, etc). It is not always ideal. 

We have Chronotypes, which genetically determines whether our body and brain is more alert in the early morning (lark) or at night (night owl). There are some of us that fit right in the middle, which means we have no problem getting up an hour or two earlier or sleeping an hour or two later than our normal times. In-between people can shift their body’s natural circadian rhythm or internal clock to their habits and still feel comfortable. However, for true larks and owls the body is boss. They can get the full conventional sleep cycle, but their brains are most productive/creative at their respective times.  Which are you? 

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7 Reasons Lazy People wake up Morning

1. Cold air

One of the causes of agan and sista is to wake up this morning for sure. Cold air. Especially if when I wake up to hear the sound of rain that is so lively to wet the house's tiles and the cysts are poor for activities. Whether it's school, work or traveling. Rather than everywhere. Mending when it rains early in the morning, pull the blanket to sleep again

2. Sleep too late

The era is progressing now. Smartphone or laptop must be two gadgets that you always hold when you want to sleep. Want to sleep check - check your friend's timeline first, or even post an update about the former first even if it's trivial sometimes this is actually a continuation and a waste of time. When we start checking the timeline at 9 pm, arrived - arrived at 12 o'clock at night. I also often experience this, and finally sleeping late and tomorrow when I wake up in the morning it feels sore due to lack of sleep. This body aches effect is what makes lazy to wake up in the morning, the luggage actually wants to sleep again

3. No one is awake

This is usually the problem of you or the rest of you. It's far from parents who wants to wake you up in the morning? the mother and father of boarding house are also lazy to wake you up. Want to install an alarm, the alarm must be turned off again. Things like this that make agan and sista lazy to get up early

4. Dizziness due to work or tasks

Dizziness because the task or work also makes you lazy to get up early. When I was a college student. I am most lazy, bro, I wake up in the morning, I usually take college in the morning at 8 or 9 o'clock. don't dare to study at 7 am Afraid of late. Especially after the final semester. Really - really, my brain works hard because my brain works hard, making me the most anti-morning wake up in a long break. than the brain is coming up But, now if I get dizzy I have a cure bro. I watched a short video on an Instagram account. g * yonan.tv to stress me out

5. More comfortable position

Have you ever been agan or sista when you sleep well - it's nice to be lazy to wake up? Here is what is called a position that is comfortable position like this usually happens because it is not deliberate, bro, if it's in a position like this. just to lift my body from the bed, it's hard to ask for forgiveness ... but, it will be another story if your mother has already watered you using aerial as a bucket to wake you up, you want it, you won't want to wake up even if you are in a comfortable position

6. Overnight Food Remnants

If it's satiated, the bag is sleepy, bro. Sometimes when you eat a lot, we will be lazy to wake up in the morning. There are still remaining effects - overnight glut effects. So, if you are in the morning, there are urgent interests. mending night don't eat a lot. later you can't even wake up again

7. Strong gravity in the mattress

If it's morning, that gives a stronger and better impression with me, I don't know where the theory is, but it seems like this theory is really true. I just like to be lazy to wake up from sleep in the morning. as if someone will call - call me to sleep Again on the bed

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People feel lazy from waking up in the morning for different reason like lack of motivation to work for that day, been tired from yesterday work, lack of sleep during the night. Other reasons why people feel lazy includes not been able to move your body because its been in the same position for too long, drinking too much of alcohol before sleeping, eating too much before sleeping, and too much stress. There may be others reason why people feel lazy to wake up in the morning bit this are the ones I know of.

I hope I have been able to contribute to your answer.


Our body and nervous system is at its lowest when waking up especially when you sleep over 8 hours.


The habit of laziness in waking up is mostly caused by the below reasons.

1) THE QUANTITY OF FOOD CONSUMED BEFORE SLEEPING: Sometimes you develop tiredness when you eat to stupor before sleeping. This makes your body very heavy and uncomfortable while you sleep. Your body system isn't able to perform it's normal activities while sleeping because it takes time in digesting your food. It is always advisable to always eat moderate or lightly before sleeping as this makes your body feel light when you wake up.

2) SLEEPING LATE: One of my reasons of waking up in a lazy manner do occur whenever I sleep very late at night. I don't develop the strength to wake up early because I am not able to maximize my sleeping time. This is also one of the causes of laziness waking up in the morning. Always make sure you sleep very early to enable you wake up smart and energetic.

3) STRESS DURING THE DAY BEFORE SLEEPING : The body system can't perform more than it required energy. Sometimes, we overburden the body during the day by going through numerous stress which affects the body system and this makes us feel week and lazy anytime we wake up the next morning. Always enable you relax when it is time and don't overburden your body system in order to wake up early and smart.

4) USING NARCOTICS: Sometimes we affect the normal functioning of the body system due to the type of drugs we consume. Sleeping pills and some hard drugs can make you wake up lazily early in the morning. This pills make you sleep for longer periods of time such that whenever someone wakes you up, you feel lazy. I will advise to take pills with prescription and avoid the drug abuse.

5) ACTIVITIES DURING SLEEP: Your activities while you sleep can also make you become lazy when you wake up. There is possibility you got disturbed while you were sleeping which enables you to wake up at the middle of the night. If you sleep back to complete your sleep, you may wake up tired and and lazy because you got disturbed while you were sleeping. Always make sure you sleep in a safe place where you not liable to get disturbed or distracted while you sleep.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.