Can scorum beat steemit in next few years?

No, I don't think so.

The main reason for that is that it is a fork of Steem. Bitcoin was forked several times but none of the forks gained mass adoption. Similarly, I don't think any fork of Steem will go ahead of Steem and Steemit. 

The people who built the Steem.io software, that is, the software program that runs the Steem blockchain are working on the main chain. There is a big difference between original developers and those that picked it up to fork it.

Scorum knows this very well. That's why they aren't trying to compete with Steemit at all. They are targeting a specific market instead of trying to go against the main chain.

Scorum can coexist with Steemit without any problems since it is not targeting the general users. In fact, when SMTs are launched, scorum could just port itself to the main chain without much issue.

Scorum also doesn't have many users. Some Steem based applications have more users than scorum. Scorum's official site is ranked 150,000 in alexa. Busy.org is ranked 43,000. 

There is a massive gap between scorum and steemit. Some scorum investors might try to convince people that it is better than steemit but I wouldn't take them seriously.  People are generally designed by nature to act in the interest of themselves.


I have a mixed feeling about this. If they are clear with their goal, I think it will definitely be a wonderful platform in the near future and there is a high possibility that it can easily beat steemit. I see lots of things missing in steemit. First of all I would like to say two important points. Steem is different from steemit. And Scorum is completely a different blockchain which was forked from steem. 


I completely agree that steemit is definitely a great platform and we see lots of engagement from people. There is one big problem. The website is maintained by Steemit Inc. The big problem I see here is that their road map is not clear. For the past 3 years we have been in the same beta version. Even though there are lots of changes happening to steem blockchain Steemit Inc has not taken enough responsibility to update the user experience. Steemit is just a user interface provided by the company Steemit Inc for the steem blockchain users. There are many brilliant user interfaces already available on top of steem blockchain that provides better usability for the users. In that way, I would say that steemit will not survive longer duration if it is going to be like this for years. 

Most of the people who are starting their journey in steem blockchain consider steemit to be their UI for everything. It takes lots of days and lots of understanding to know that Steemit is just a User interface for the steem blockchain. After understanding that fact it takes quite a lot of effort for them to look for a better alternative and user. But they already get tired and easily quit steemit completely. Honestly I had tough time explaining about a user interface for steem blockchain to one of the user. He actually took it offensive thinking that I was trying to canvas him to start using a completely different blockchain. He started saying that he is really happy with steemit and he will not need any other blockchain. Then after a lot of discussion I was able to make him understand that the user interface that I'm talking about also belongs to steem blockchain and the articles they add via this interface will also be visible in steemit.  


I would say that there is a high possibility that scorum can beat steemit if their intentions are right and their road map is clear. I would also like to say that anything that is decentralized can have issues because there is no one to take responsibility completely for anything and there is also no one to blame in such situation. In the case of Scorum, the major drawback that I see is that they are focusing only towards sports. On the other hand steemit provides opportunities to write about various topics that includes sports as well. I can just showcase myself as one example. I'm not at all a sports person. I find it really challenging to make use of scorum to contribute articles and get reward. I created an account there but never used it at all. 

So for people who are not for sports platform, scorum will not add any value to their life. That is a major drawback that I see. In a way we can definitely say that it can easily bypass steemit if scorum becomes one of the best platform for all the sports users all over the world. Only then it will have scope towards growth. There have been so many people contributing both in steemit as well as scorum. If there are some good features introduced in Scorum and the platform becomes more user friendly and of course popularity, all these factors can definitely contribute for Scorum's success. 

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Simple answer : NO

Steemit has been there for more than 2 and a half years and it was the first of its kind. Steemit is very diverse platform, that is you can find blogs and vlogs of any category here. More than 1.2 million users are on steem and with the launch of smt's many new communities will join steem and contribute to the platform.

On the other hand scorum is new, it has just been around for 5 months. Being one of the major users on scorum, I want it to succeed more than anything but the problem is that it only has sports. Betting exchange is planned to be launched on 19th this month and you know sports betting industry is a multi billion dollar market but the adoption will take time. They perhaps have the best dev team I have ever known as they deliver what they say and continously keep working to bring new things on platform unlike steemit but scorum is restricted to sports only and that the problem. See you cannot compare google and goal.com, google finds everything for you while goal.com will only show football stuff.

I however do believe that steemit and scorum can co exist.


My answer is 50-50 probability. Scorum platform only covers sport related activity as campared with Steem which is offering diversified activities according to people interest. So, there are more things available for people in Steem. Sports related activity adds passion to the user and mostly people use the platform due to his love and passion. Love and passion is inevitable in success. So, Scorum has more loyal user than steem. This make it possible for Scorum to move ahead of steem. Moreover Scorum is a developing community. Developing community means you have less whales so, every one has a chance to become whale on the community. This gives extra advantage to Scorum. The big point is how the user behavior and priority. The more loyal user you have in any platform the greater is your chance of clinching top position. 


I am an active user on scorum and I can say Yes it can beat steemit in the next few years. This is subjected to many factors though.

The scorum platform is new and for sport related activities only. We all know the impact of sport activities in our everyday world and Scorum wants to be the go-to site for anything sport.

The betting exchange will soon be launched and it's expected to be the major game changer that will boost scorum influence. For many outsiders, they see scorum as a blogging platform alone, Scorum is more than that.

Advertisements can be placed on the site and users can earn royalties from taking original pictures of sporting activities. This is just few out of many awesome features present on scorum.


Steemit has been on for years but that doesn't means another platform can't beat it.

I'm a user on scorum though not that active because I only knew a little about that undermining that I must say that scorum is one of the best blockchain and it has a great chance of beating steemit.

The only downside of scorum is that it's just sport niche centered thereby discouraging all those who ain't sport lovers from joining the platform


I think scorum and steemit will grow and run on different routes, not competing with each other because the market audience for their platform is different : scorum for sports lovers, steemit for general things/crypto things.


No! Because we need a diverse system that fits to all dimension of mans existence not just one side like scorum that only offers one side of man's passion which is Sport. 

Diversity beats singularity! 

Steemit is just perfect to everybody because everybody can express their thoughts about everything going on with their life and everybody can interact with each other whether you are a sport-minded or not. Not all people loves sport but all people loves to share their story about their life and expresses them in the system that offers a good opportunity where their stories are not abandoned but rather being given value by the community that pays and that is only here on STEEMIT and nothing else.

Sports is just one side of man's existence and even sport-minded people do have other stories in their life that has good value and worth sharing. Steemit is just a perfect platform where you can dump all your stories in life not just about sports. It is a channel where you can definitely shine like a star. In scorum, it's just about sports and their is much pressure there for you to shine due to the fact that you need to be competitive and must have a very interesting career in sports but the reality prevails that not all sport lover people have great career or great achievements in sports. In sports only few can shine and the rest are left behind with their stories untold. 

Steemit on the other side is a home for people from different walks of life where everybody can shine and share their various stories in life - may it be in sports, health, lifestyle, fitness, education, travel, talents and everything that evolves within our lives. In short, Steemit will stand and knows no end for it is powered by people coming from diverse culture and passion and it has become a Home for everyone!


If I believed Scorum will beat Steemit in the next few years, I could've invested my time posting articles there. I created an account whom my friend referred me but I never posted there.

I couldn't think Scorum will be Steemit in the next few years either. One of which is that Steem has a capability of scaling and can cater mass adoption. Steemit is an application specific where as Scorum is a content based blogging platform focused only on Sports. The narrowness Scorum offers is a first attestation why it cannot beat Steemit in the next few years.

Steemit on the other hand is  the "Mother of Incentivized Blogging Platform", in the form of cryptocurrency. Scorum is technically a "Fork" from Steemit, just like Weku, Golos, Whaleshares, and Smoke offers. 

On the other side, while there might have been some good changes made on those platform that is a problem with Steemit (e.g. Bidbots, Flag Wars, Steemit Inc. being lenient to Steemit user's concerns), the platform is heading straight. 

The Goal of Steemit is not only a Social-Media platform, but the truth is an incentivized blogging platform is a first Step to gather mass adoption. As soon as it got lots of users participating in the network, you can see that Steemit now directly shifts to an "Application-Specific" Protocol and that Steemit becomes one of the decentralized applications of Steem.


I doubt it.

To be honest, I don’t even know what Scorum is.

BUT upon seeing the name, it brings to mind: SCROTUM.

And anything that generates a first impression of BALL SACK is gonna have a serious disadvantage.



I can see Scorum will reach a new height but i don't think it can beat Steemit. Why?

Apparently, Scorum may be forked from Steemit but it doesn't work exactly as Steemit does. Scorum is more focused on Sports, while Steemit had different communities wherein diverse people can join and post anything they want (of course, good content is encouraged).

Besides, Steemit will undergo changes through some implementations the coming year which includes SMT. Scorum is still far from developing such. It cannot be developed overnight.

If there is something that can go behind Steemit is Whaleshares. That's how I see it. Though, Steemit will remain at the frontrunner.


I don't think so. Simple and short.



Steemit is in no 1 now,

scorum haven't come in market. Again scorum is especially for sports blog.But steemit is for all.It has a lot dapps.

Rather giving time in scorum,i will suggest you to invest in steemiit.This is the perfect time.


With a name like that? 🤭


Baba Vanga says Yes.