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Which season you like most and why you like it?
Autumn,rainy,winter,summer,spring which season is your favourite and why it is favourite

I really like summer.

Some people may hate summer because the weather can be too hot and people start to look forward to spring, autumn, and even winter. But wait! The air may become hot and humid, but don't forget that there are so many interesting events that can be enjoyed that only occur in the summer. So, try not to hate the summer too much, and see the reason why summer is a season that deserves to be liked!

1. Summer flowers

Flowers grow beautifully everywhere in Japan. There are many flower festivals in Japan that offer beautiful flower panoramas. There are also gardens that are open to the public in various locations featuring a variety of colorful roses, tulips and other beautiful flowers.

2. Fireworks

Some argue that summer is the season for fireworks in Japan because there are many fireworks shows held throughout the country during July and August. So, make sure to enjoy fireworks during the summer festival and experience the experience of wearing summer casual kimono (yukata) like the Japanese do!

3. Festival in summer

In Japan, there are festivals for each season and summer festivals tend to be very large! If you are looking for the biggest festival in Japan to make your summer vacation here more memorable, go to Osaka on July 24 to 25 for the Tenjin Matsuri celebration and to Kyoto between July 1 and 31 for the Gion Matsuri celebration.

4. Simple clothes and summer shoes

Hang your jacket and scarf, and store your boots. Stored during winter and used in summer! Yes, you can finally wear lighter clothing like shorts and t-shirts and simple summer shoes or even sandals. You can also add a stylish straw hat to your wardrobe too, to protect your eyes from the sun!

5. Food in summer

As you may know, Japan has many seasonal foods. Cold somen and unagi are the most common foods that you cannot miss during summer in Japan. In addition, don't forget to try delicious Japanese summer desserts like kakigori and warabi mochi!

6. Drinks in summer

Yes, there are even special drinks in the summer and can be found in department stores (konbinis) throughout the country. Some summer drinks that you might encounter are Pepsi Salty Watermelon, Espressoda, and Lazy Afternoon Rooter which are examples of drinks offered only during the summer. So wait, try and see which drinks will be your favorite to keep you cool this summer!

This is my opinion.



I really like spring. I will give 5 reasons why I chose spring.

Although this spring is still far from expectations, there are several reasons why spring is the most romantic season of the year. In addition, spring also brings a sense of excitement to those who miss the warmth of the sun and bikinis. Hihi.

1. Colors are back

To be honest, when I write this article, many trees in the forest still look barren and the flowers in the front garden still bud. It's not the time. Not yet.

Although some types of flowers are still waiting for the weather to be really warm first to bloom, but there are also many small flowers that have started to develop beautifully. Feelings of joy usually appear together with a row of verdant trees until the eyes return fresh to see colorful flowers in the garden. The funny thing is, these flowers will only grow in spring, then wither again when summer arrives.

2. Aroma of cherry

In Denmark, many cherry trees in the cemetery began to be filled with pink gradations throughout April. Although the title is a grave, but the funeral park here has no mystical aura at all like the one in Indonesia. Instead of being terrible, the graveyard is actually used as a recreation area or a leisurely stroll.

When the weather began to be a bit friendly, many people who came to the cherry garden only for photographs or picnics holding mats. I myself have memorized well the mainstream like this in Denmark. Just look at the middle of April, my Facebook news feed must be filled with uniform posts of friends who come and take pictures at Bispebjerg Kirkegaard and Langeline Park.

3. Comfortable walking

Even though spring can be a little wet, windy and cold, there are some best opportunities when the weather is good. When the sun is shining brightly to bring warm temperatures during the day, moments like this are usually used by someone to circle the park or take a leisurely stroll outside.

In northern Europe, the best spring temperatures in the daytime are 14-18 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is friendly, parks and streets will usually be filled with lots of people on weekends. Don't stay inside! Put the glasses on and go grab your Vitamin D!

4. Festival season

Because the weather has begun to be friendly with the skin, many exciting festivals have already been held outdoors. Besides the Sakura Festival, there are also many music and sports festivals that are waiting for spring to spread excitement. Time to check them out and have fun!

5. Time to be outside longer

In stark contrast to the dark and gloomy winter, spring brings new colors during the day. The day was longer because at 6 am it had started to light up and the sun had just begun to set at half past nine in the evening. That is, positive energy and a feeling of happiness can be blown up throughout the day because it can take longer to sleep 😊

Thanks @mukhtaruddin01


In this part of the world i like the rainy season....Everything feels and looks so refreshed after a downpour. Β It symbolises cleanliness to me.Rain makes me reflect on things....Also gives me wonderful opportunity to chill .It brings life to all both nonliving things like plants and trees to human health and livestock. It gives us a clean air to breathe and brings out the animals to play. Rain renews my strength and help reminds me about the beauty in nature. Β