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Which mode of transport is comfortable and cheaper?

## Intro

Oh this is a solid question. When most people think of transportation and cheap together, 99% think a Plane is not even close to meeting the “cheap” standard. However, I personally believe that not only is a plane convenient, and comfortable, it is actually super cheap and affordable as well.

1. Convenient

Think about having to drive from one place to the next..yuck! Who really wants to be awake all that time driving, when they can be lounging and having someone else “drive”. There is of course amtrack and etc, who make the rides pretty nice. However, do you really want to waste that much to go from one place to another? With a plane, one can get place to place much quicker and without any hassle.

2. Comfortable

Whether you ride economy or first class, you get your own seat, with s tv right in front of you. Personally I have only flown first class, but looking at the seats in economy, it is still pretty good. The chair is very nice and makes you feel as though you are in a bed and can actually sleep. Of course there are problems with leg room for economy, but I think that really just depends on your height as well as what airline you ride on. I personally love Emirates and that is the go to airline.

3. Cheap

Yep! The moment you’ve been waiting for...how is it cheap? Good question! Take for example my latest trip to Dallas. I was on Delta I believe, and my ticket was about $1,300. Looking back to the economy seats, they were at a cool $200 after luggage and whatnot was added. Honestly not bad at all. Now you might think that’s a lot, but I live in Wisconsin, basically going from the North most to the South most state in the USA. Driving there would take over 1,500 Miles, and the gas price just to get there would be outrageous. Not to mention driving there would take 2 days for sure, and that forces you to add a hotel stay into your calculations. Now looking at an amtrack, one ticket easily goes for over $180. With the margin of difference st $20, would you really want to take a 10+ hour train ride rather than a cool quick 3 hour plane ride? I wouldn’t!

## Conclusion

With this known, I would say not only is taking a trip via Plane a more convenient method but it also is very comfortable and very cheap!


For this type of transportation, which I think is very necessary at this time, is a model of a flying car, environmentally friendly fuel. Because traveling by land is considered to be ineffective, what else see the condition of the road in a city that is very defective. But, it must be stressed again that there is no transportation that is truly effective if the amount of transportation is too large.