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Investment in which cryptocurrency coin will get huge profit in future?

Buy quality coins and learn how to trade instead of holding. Not only what you buy or sell is important but also when. It's all about timing.

Buy the dips sell the breakouts.



Well if I have to invest in one coin I will invest in Bitcoin because

Bitcoin is the founder currency and holds the majority shares in the crypto world. Market dominance of bitcoin is around 32-35% of total crypto currency volume. 

There are about 2000 plus crypto currencies and no other coin has such a huge dominance. Therefore, all the crypto market follows the Bitcoin. 

So in my opinion Bitcoin will always be a head of other coins.


I recently got to know about AVINOC coin. They are bringing Revolutionary steps in avaition industry The Blockchain Solution disrupting the global Aviation Business. They finished ico and was successful. They are currently distributing airdrop tokens and listing on major exchange sites. Their ico price for 1 avinoc token was 0.03 in first phase and 0.05 in second phase. They teligram group with almost 1 m users say that after the exchange is finalized this coin will worth 1$ for each token.

I have around 300 avinoc token from airdrop and around 1500 avinoc token bought from coinbe exchange. Hope it will give me a huge profit. Have a look once at their website : https://www.avinoc.com


I personally have this great beliefs that steem is the cryprocurrency with a great potential in the future,i

believe that steem is a cryptocurrency that will enable alot of people to earn huge profit from investing on it

and that is why i am planning of powering up my steem wallet so that i can have more steempowers and

hopefully use that to earn alot of profit especially when the price of steem keeps growing in the future...another

coin that can get huge profit in the future is ethereum

because it also has good features that makes it to be more utilized and the more ethereum is utilized then the

more demands it will get and the more the price will appreciate...