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You are earning through gambling and betting in sports?

Yes. I have earned through gambling on sports before. Football premier league and world cup matches to be precise. I had to compile a number of teams to increase the odds and then used quite some amount of money to play it. It was an online betting platform so I simply funded my account and applied the amount to the game I had already compiled together.

The games were to run for three days as some matches were played on the first day, some others on the second and a few others were played on the third. So luckily for me, I won matches played on the first as well as on the second day. Now I had an issue with the remaining two games to be played on the third day.

I was not quite sure of how possible it would be for the first team to emerge victorious as I had chosen them to carry the day. Luckily for me, there was an option on the platform which would allow me cash out the amount I had accumulated so far. And I took that option, and cashed out some fair amount.

At the end of the next day, my predictions were right and the team I was unsure of lost the match which meant that I would have lost my entire predictions as well if I had not cashed out on the previous day. So betting actually pays, but you need to be careful about it. I think I have actually lost way more than I have earned


If I were using a cryptocurrency gambling site I would use one that would allow me to invest in the bankroll. The gamble would be the site could suddenly disappear and I'd lose my cryptocurrency. If it doesn't disappear I'd be on the house's side for every wager that used my loaned cryptocurrency. In the long run the house is statistically the winner.


I have done it once. But I don't wanna do it everyday. Once or often is enough! But honestly, I won in betting NBA playoffs game. :)

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well gambling and betting in sports is something i have done before and it was interesting and scary at the same time because you could loose all your money within seconds and you could also become a millionaire overnight through gambling but after i weighed the risks and benefits together i realized that gambling is not for me and because of that i had to quit gambling and also i personally observed that gambling can be addictive