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If you become prime minister of India, what changes will you bring about ?

In my humble opinion, I strongly believe that our current prime minister Narendra Modi Ji is doing a great job. He is having a great fan club in India and people are continuing to support his initiatives. Only the people who blame every single thing is trying to prove him wrong. But I do see lots of improvement areas in his approach which I would like to rectify if I become the prime minister. I would like to cover few aspects of it. This will have just my personal opinion on what I would like to do if I become the prime minister of India. 


Well I'm not a big fan of industrialization. Even though I like the concept of industries and the way it works, I hate the fact that industrialization is responsible in spoiling the natural beauty. India is not a highly suitable country for industrialization. For the past few years I have been seeing lots of projects emerging out under every government of India. I would say India should focus more on the productivity aspects of things that Indians are really good at. By following what is being done in other foreign countries it may not be very easy for India to become a developed nation. I will definitely focus on industrialization aspects but only if it is required. I will not spoil the natural resources just for the sake of industrialization. 

Alternative energy source

We can even call this as green energy. I think India should be focusing more on alternative renewable energy sources. Though recently there have been lots of green energy projects like off shore wind energy project and solar energy project, I would say they are not enough. We have lots of scope for increasing the green energy projects. I will try to focus on that and make India a powerful nation with enough energy production from natural sources. 

Make Agriculture a government job

With the industrialization happening, the small scale industries and the production units like farmers are affected a lot. The off springs of farmers are not farmers anymore. If that continues to happen, we might end up importing unhealthy food resources from foreign countries in spite of being one of the top agricultural countries in the world. If agriculture becomes a government job and if every farmer in India becomes a well paid government employee, then they will have a neat job security and will focus on continuing their family occupation. 

Combining the rivers

This is one of the dire needs that India has. Even though we get enough rainfall every year, we fail to sustain the rainwater properly. When one part of the State is suffering with floods another part of the same State is starving without water. This is all because of the imbalance of the water flow in India. I would like to take some extra efforts to solve this problem. 

Increase the quality of Education in India

Even though the quality of education is improving gradually, I would say it is not matching the global needs. That is the reason why we are able to see lots of people moving to various foreign countries to pursue their education. From a very young age the quality of education should be improved. Every individual in the country should get their basic education and the education they get should be value based instead of learning a history that doesn't even make sense. 

Enough employment opportunities inside homeland

I always wanted this change to happen. Even though India is filled with lots of super brains, the knowledge is not being utilized inside the country. Most of the engineers who completed their engineering are either working as a software developer or left India to other countries to look for opportunities. We have to agree that some engineers are not able to find enough opportunities in India. I will try to create enough opportunities inside the homeland itself. 

Apart from the above I have so many plans to execute if I become a prime minister. If at all I have to document all those thoughts it would become a good book with lots of contents. This opportunity was wonderful to share some of my thoughts on this topic. 

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As Indian Prime Minister, My Focus shall be Centred on These Areas , among Others.


Enthronement of EGALITARIAN Society, Devoid of CASTE, Minimize Superstitious Beliefs and Fetish Practices , National Re- Orientation to adjust their Mentality from Ethnicism , Religeous Bigotry, Racisma and Rivalry among Cleavaged Groups.

On the Economic Front, the Rupees will be Strengthened reasonably by enhancing mass Exportable Goods Manufacturing, concentrating on Textiles and Telecom Hardwares and Softwares. Automobiles and Industrial Logistics .

Exportation of these Products Will avail much needed Forex , needed for other Foreign Trade Requirements of the Nation.

Fiscal and Monetary Policies Would be regiged to Foster the above Economic Directions.. Concessional tax Holidays Will Be Granted Vulnerable and Budding Productive Organisations amidst Healthy Direct and Bank Interest Rates.

In Education, Schools Corricula would be adjusted to engender Equality in Varying Cultural Values.

Tuition would be Free at the Foundational Levels to Enable 100% literary Rates!! At Colleges and Other Higher Institutions, Tuition Would be Moderate and Affordable.

The Judiciary Weould be Purged of Incompetent Officers. to Enable Free and Fair Judicial Adjudications.

Both Executive and Legislative Bills Will be Introduced to Parliament to facilitate a Robust ANTI RAPE LAWS THAT WILL PROTECT VULNERABLE GIRL CHILD FROM SEXUAL HARRASMENT AND ABUSES.

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