Have you ever been to the countryside, what impressed you the most thing?
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I have once lived in the countryside and it was actually one of the best things ever! Being able to be with nature is my favorite thing. In the place where I used to live, you can see mountains and fields at the back of our house... and in a few minutes walk, you'll get to appreciate the beauty of the sea.

The abundance of fruits and animals is also a plus. Coconut is pretty common in that part of the country, so whenever my friends come over, we can easily get some coconut and share it among ourselves. There's soursop, mango, banana, jackfruit among others. As for animals, there were poultry and piggery... there were various types of birds as well. There were even different kinds of lizards, snakes and bats. Well, they can be scary, but still pretty impressive.

Since the place is near the sea, you can also witness the beauty of marine life. There were fish, crabs, shells, starfish, etc. My friends and I used to go to the sea especially when it's low tide... We enjoy getting some shells and we can witness other creatures like starfish, brittle star, sea urchin, sea cucumber... some people get them for food, but I and my friends enjoyed watching them.

The air is fresh and calming in the countryside. It's so different from that of the city. If given a chance, I'd love to live in the countryside again. It's more relaxing and you'd get the chance to appreciate nature more. 

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I spent my summer days on the countryside. It's the silence and scenery that made me want to venture back into the mountains. The city scene is full of noise and light pollution. Most of the things that remind us that nature is beautiful are found on our monitors, frames, and confined parks. The real beauty is out there and that's what I missed most about going to the countryside. 

Being in a city for a long time can have me experience withdrawal symptoms from technology. This just reminds me how bad in shape I am and how dependent I am with technology to be entertained. The countryside lifestyle really impresses me when it comes to how simple life works there. There's not a lot of distraction between man and nature.

 As I am belonging of my country place, that's a village area and I like it most because I found here the natural beauty of nature, fresh air, beautiful crops, water drops at the morning, greenery everywhere, fresh vegetable, chirping different kind of birds, sounds of birds, peaceful moments, and much more.

I love nature so I really love that places where are nature everywhere, On the side of my country village area, are very beautīful there is everything is pure and especially the fresh environments. F you visit here I am sure you fell in love with it because nature is always attracted to anyone.

So the village area is full of beauty. whenever I come to the village I spend my most of the time to live in the greenery side where you feel freshness into your eyes and mind. Because greenery is so soothing thing for eyes, it makes your eyes healthy and nice feelings. I would love to live in those places where nature is around you. ❤ 

Ever, going to the countryside is more fun and more cost-effective. Next I give an impressive thing when going to the countryside.

1. The air is cool.

Of course going to the countryside is more likely to get fresh air and away from air pollution like in cities. In addition to refreshing the lungs, cool air will certainly make me feel at home in the countryside.

2. Beautiful scenery.

Beautiful because there are many green plants that spoil the eyes. Don't be afraid not to exist on social media, even in nature I can still get interesting spots to capture the moment.

3. Quiet atmosphere.

I certainly feel this. In the village I will not find many vehicles, so I can feel calm while in a rural location.

4. Friendly citizens.

In contrast to city residents, rural residents are very friendly and polite. You might be ashamed of yourself with the hospitality of the villagers.

Maybe that's all I can give you an impressive thing going to the countryside.

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I'm not a fan of going to the countryside, because of the insects, however my family has a countryside house and something I enjoy most is the fresh air, and the smell of wet earth. I love it!

When I go to the countryside it's very different from the city, I can breathe without worrying that a car will pass by and flood my nostrils with smoke, not anything like that, it's all fresh.

Sometimes I sleep over, and when I wake up I hear the birds singing, the chickens cackling, as people's voices are heard perfectly without any intervention from the horn of a car.

You can walk safely and even throw yourself on the lawn because it will be clean. The view is perfect, in addition the people of the field are very courteous and know how to take care of their environment and make it beautiful.

First is, the fresh air. Unlike in the city, the air in the countryside is fresh. If you jog in the city, you get exhausted almost immediately but not in the countryside.

Second is, the natural views. I believe in the statement that "God is the best architect". No man made edifice can compare to God's creation