What fruit should be consumed in the morning, what is the reason?
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You can have any fruit basically, you just make sure to eat them in the morning on empty stomach. 

Fruits eaten on an empty stomach is healthier because your digestive system is able to break down the sugar quickly and you body can maximize the benefits.

Eating fruits after other meals is not ideal, the process can be very slow,  which can cause fruits to ferment. This can be very unpleasant and unhealthy,  and can cause indigestion and accumulation of gas.  

Fruits are very essential for our body as they contain many useful nutrients in them.     but most important fruit that should be taken in the morning is Apple .

Reasons :

# Taste.

It has a very rich juicy flavour . Some people also eat it by wrapping its skin off but its good by eating it just after washing it properly .  

# Benefits.

Apple eating in the morning is kind of so healthy routine as it contain antioxidants and many more good stuff that helps our body to resist from diseases and it is also red on some places that it helps to prevent from cancer .                                                         

# Nutrients.

Apple contain iron which is very essential for our body and the other nutrients in apple are good for heart and weight loss also . iron in Apple is also good for our blood circulation . 


An Apple a day keeps the doctor away . this popular saying conclude that if we eat one Apple in the morning we can take care of our health . so we should eat an Apple in every morning.

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Do you remember the phrase, " An apple a day keeps the doctor away ". This is an old phrase which has been proven true over time, Apples are one of the most healthy food to include in your daily diet. Best when it's taken in the morning. It has several health benefits and some of which are:

Prevent Obesity

Reduces levels of bad cholesterol

Wards off breast cancer

Reduces risk of stroke

Reduces risk of diabetes

My opinion on this is the best fruit to be consumed in the morning should be an apple. Reason being that based on research, An apple can be responsible for making an aged person look more younger.

For a person who wants to look more younger, the apple has to be eaten first thing in the morning without having to eat any food. Apples can also be eaten by anyone. It is responsible for smoothening the face. Protecting the face against acnes. Apples are also known for keeping one healthy. The reason I take it is for smoothness of the face. You will be surprised how young you will look if you stick to taking apples first thing in the morning everyday for two weeks.

It is guaranteed that your digestion backs off toward the evening and eating a sustenance that is high in sugar, for example, organic product, raises your glucose levels and "awakens" your stomach related framework. ... In all actuality there's no damage in eating natural product toward the beginning of the day. Natural product is solid whenever of the day.

Hello sir, i think the best fruit in the morning is banana. The reason is Banana is so good in our digestion. 

The other side is Banana have so much advantage, For the example Banana has a Carbohydrate. This is so good to begin our day with Carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is so important to our energy.

Banana has a Vitamin C. You also know that vitamin C is so important to make our body more protected by any bacteria or virus

As i say, Banana good to our digestion. Banana has a fiber. This is so good to you if you have a problem with your stomach especially in Digestion.

Next Banana has a Vitamin b6 , This one is so important to you because B6 will create a new cell for you

Manganese is so important to your metabolisme. to make your body fit everyday

That it, thank you