What scares you when boarding a plane?
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Nothing. I feel totally at ease getting on a plane. The way I look at it is if it crashes it will all be over in a blink of an eye anyway so why would it matter. 

Believe it or not the idea of me dying is not what scares me when boarding a plane, what scares me is the idea of the plane crashing in the middle of the ocean or sea and just enough for other passengers to "swim" to safety.

Truth be told I do not know how to swim. Our hometown is famous for its beaches and our home is near a body of water but I do not know how to swim. For that reason, whenever I board a plane, I have this thinking in which if ever the plane crashes at least let it crash on anything but the middle of the ocean. 

This might be too selfish to say and for you to hear/read but I'd rather we all die than me the only one struggling to survive just because I do not know how to swim. Lol sorry! 

And yeah before you ask, I know there is a life vest but I still do really think I would panic if that ever happens. I would even drag someone to the bottom of the ocean along with me if they try to save me. Lol 

The prospect of my luggage being left behind.

What could possibly go wrong when in an airplane? To be honest, I personally think that airplanes are still considerably one of the safest way to travel. Even so, what made some people fear on getting in an airplane are because of the popular movies that feature plane crashes and accidents that may seem to be real but are full of exaggeration and enough intensity to scare other people off.

Oh actually I have one. What I fear the most is when seated to the window side of an economy class cabin and forgot to go to toilet and the ones next to me already fell asleep😅

The only thing that scares me is having a bad seat. I normally like to try and get an emergency exit seat as I am taller than most. There is nothing worse than getting to your seat and finding another big person there sitting next to you.

Last year I was on a flight and there were 3 of us in a row and we couldn't fit. I was eventually moved to a seat with more space but we are not always that lucky. Generally I love flying and have no worries and fears.

The idea of flying. I am afraid of height and the idea of being at such height scares me a lot. I have to admit that I have only once been on a plane and I was a bit scared of it right from the boarding time. I know that flying is the safest way of transportation in the world but I still had my fears and wasn't relaxed at all during the flight. I am also perfectly aware that this fear is unjustified in that everything is in my head but I am still avoiding flying as much as possible. I confess that I haven't even looked on the window until almost the landing point. I didn't want to see myself between the clouds and I preferred to stare at the chair in from of me or try to fall asleep. After I landed it was everything OK and I realized that I stressed myself for nothing but as I wrote above it was the idea of flying that scared. I don't know if I will fly again soon but at least I have a clue about how it is. Thanks for the question and have a great day!

Nothing. I love flying and I know it's more safer than driving. At least in Europe. 

I remember my first flight, I was concerned and worried a bit for being motion sick because I have some stomach problems. But once the plane took off and I saw nothing bad happened, I was all happy, enjoying the flight. 

I know accidents can always happen and you can't do anything about that but I'm not afraid. One thing is for sure, you won't remain up there, what goes up, must come down :)) 

Height. I am scared of heights but I love love flying. I love flying because it is much more easier, relaxed and faster to travel by air. But I am also scared of heights so when the plane goes really high as it's about to take off, I find something close to hold. Although, I tend to contain this fear so anyone sitting close by wouldn't think it's my first time as they almost always ask, lol.

With your fear of flying, you are in a club containing 20 to 30% of the population. Welcome !

What makes you most afraid:

  • The fear of heights
  • The fear of the enclosed and confined space that an airplane cabin represents? In this case, your problem is not limited to aircraft. Look elsewhere ...
  • The fear of putting your life in the hands of only two people generally competent and used to fly in this type of plane? From the moment of their integration, the pilots pass a control simulator flight, in which they systematically manage an engine failure and / or an engine fire. The worst situations possible. If they fail, they go back to workout, until it comes back. Safety first.
  • The fear that the wings breaks That's how far the wings go without breaking. It is not a turbulence or a storm that may put you in danger.
  • The fear that the engines will break down A broken engine can happen. That said, even with a single engine, an airplane flies with enough power. They are certified for this. Two engines down? It is EXTREMELY rare. But if it should happen, remember that gliders fly very well without engine. Airliners have much larger wings and sufficient finesse to fly well to land safely.

Statistically, you have an 11 million chance of dying in a plane crash. A chance ... out of 11 million ... If you had to fly every day, it would take you 123,000 years to die.

I want to say that i am so scare when i go to anywhere with a plane. even the plan is a safety transportation than any transportation. According to expert. The plane is number one safety transportation. Why? Because the plane can not crash with another plane because the plane has own way. 

But, i am still scare, because it is so high place and it has a chance that we will crash because the cloud.