How many times have you taken a shower a day, is bathing from maintaining health?
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The least number of times I shower in a day is 2 times. Showering is an hygiene act which helps wash off germs that might be on the body as well as keep the body healthy. There are some nights I would not be able to sleep unless I shower.

Lack of shower does not make one smell good. It can also make one look stressed. But when we shower, we look more fresh and presentable.

There is this saying 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' ...which means that after you have acknowledged that God is alive. The next thing that is supposed to come into your mind should be the fact that living a clean life will make you healthy and unique. Most people are lazy to shower and too much of that can make not showering a habit they struggle so hard to avoid.

The highest number of times I have showered in a day should be 4 times and if atall that has happened, then it will be out of too much heat during the summer.

You asked a wonderful question as others will benefit from the answer which could affect their health.

I shower around twice a day. The first shower I take is at the moment I have just woken up. Usually after sleeping through the night, I feel quite sticky and hot. Then head to the toilet for a quick shower. Usually around maybe 10 minutes. Then In the afternoon, if i felt that my face is a bit sticky due to the oil accumulation in the face, then I will wash my face. Alot of people have dry skin and my skin is oily. So need to wash with face wash or else I will feel like I have these sticky oil on my face.

Everytime I shower, there are some areas of the body I would usually wash twice to avoid any smell. Then every week I have to shave once my beard. Some people have no beard and are sad if they have no beard. I have to shave every week to look clean. Whenever I grow my beard to a certain length, my mom would get frightened.

Then I need to have warm water to shower. I have a heater installed. Everytime after shower I would feel so refreshed. There have been times when I did not shower then I felt really sticky and felt really horrific. The feeling is like feeling really sticky. Then after my first shower of the day, I would need to drink a cup of coffee. And at an air con room writing an answer in Musing.

Hygiene is very important for our health life and that is why a good hygiene is necessary and should be part of us...

I do take my shower at least twice daily and whenever i have less busy schedule i could even shower three to four times daily because i hate seeing dirt on my body,when i feel dirt in my body it makes me very uncomfortable and i would want to rush into the bathroom to get cleaned up..

Lastly :"health is wealth"...