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Do you consume coffee regularly, what makes you like coffee?

I used to drink coffee on a daily bases, first because it was good, I liked it, later because I have low blood pressure and coffee helps. It was my doctor's recommendation to drink two coffees a day if I like it. 

This went on for years, my first thought in the morning was coffee and my last one in the evening was coffee as well. I've been treating headaches, fatigue, dizziness and who knows many more things with coffee.  I became and addict and developed intolerance, which means no matter how much I drank, it had no affect on me any more. 

So in the beginning of September this year I made a decision and quit drinking coffee. It was hard at the beginning, had to experience withdrawal syndromes but I had the strength to go on and deal with it. Now I know I'm out of the woods, I won't drink coffee ever again.

I've been struggling with car sickness and after quitting drinking coffee I don't have that problem any more. This is a huge win for me because it made my life miserable. I had no idea coffee can cause this. 

I'm not saying coffee is not good, but you have to draw a line and never cross it. Some say coffee is healthy and list a series of health benefits, which can be true if consumed moderately. This is not the case if you drink strong espresso and cross the line, you can become an addict, which can have serious consequences. Can cause high blood pressure, motion sickness, you can even develop glaucoma. 


I love my coffee and I normally have at least two cups every day.

It starts my day off with a boost of caffeine. It has become a habit which i am quite happy to indulge because I enjoy it that much. I regularly stop at my local coffee shop on the way out in the morning and get my regular take away.

I suppose it is fairly bad as they see me parking and are already making it for me. I have one in the evening as it doesn't affect me sleeping. I use it to relax and is perfect with a chocolate.

I am fussy so I don't do instant and will buy coffee beans and grind them myself. I want loads of flavor and will pay for decent quality beans. I only have two cups a day so i don't mind paying for a high end bean.


Yes I take coffins every day and I like it very much. The number of people who do not like coffee is very few in the world. When I got the time I sat down with coffee. I love coffee

There are several reasons for choosing coffee, I'm talking about them

Coffee helps keep my mind good. That's why I take coffee every day for my mind when it's bad, drink that coffee, it makes me feel better

Coffee helps me stay awake at night . I do different things at night and study when I get too much sleep I drink coffee so my sleep goes away

Coffee helps keep me healthy, sometimes different kinds of problems in coffee help me stay healthy

Coffee helps me to get rid of my headache when my head aches are hot, I drink coffee and my headache goes away through coffee.

the main reason is that I keep coffee for my breans because I drink coffee


Yes ... I am a coffee lover. I believe that coffee can add to my mood.

In addition there are many benefits of drinking coffee for health, especially in the morning it is not an open secret. This is the reason coffee is very popular especially if taken in the morning, especially for the body and mind that are more fresh. In addition to morning, coffee is also delicious to drink during the day, especially if you are overtime.

Indeed, many people also avoid coffee because it is not included in the health drink category. However, there have been many studies conducted by experts. And amazingly the results of the study prove that drinking 3 cups of coffee or more a day has good benefits for health.

Through a 13-year long study conducted by the National Cancer Institute, which involved more than 400,000 people, later published in the "New England Journal of Medicine", concluded that loyal coffee drinkers had a 16 percent lower risk of early death.

Well, that's why many people believe that drinking coffee is beneficial for health, especially if taken regularly and correctly. But remember, for those of you who are not suitable, do not try to force yourself, which only worsens health.

Drinking coffee can basically increase levels of stress hormones in the body and trigger the effects of caffeine dependence. But if you drink coffee regularly such as limiting cream and sugar it has benefits for health.

One of the benefits of coffee is getting inspiration. Generally, seeing a cup of coffee in the morning after breakfast can improve the way your brain works fresher, so it's easy to get inspiration especially to start your day.


Yes I do consume coffee everyday. :) I like coffee because it can make me feel awake and energized during my working hours.I do like working for almost 10 hours and sometimes if I feel very sleepy. I can drink 2 cups of coffee and it made my drowsiness gone away.