If you are given a choice between having love and not having money or having money and no love for your life, which one will you choose and why?
Sometimes we are faced with questions that are so easy, but very difficult to answer. One question that is very difficult to decide is when we are told to choose to have love but not have money or otherwise you have money but you never have love for a lifetime ?, what is your choice, why?


I will be brutally honest and pragmatic here:

Limited as my personal experience can be (and that of a hundred people I may know) I’d rather have money. I have never had money in my life, at least not enough as to cover any human beings basic needs. I think that the idea that money can’t buy love and that love overcomes whatever economic limitation is oversimplifying.

Money may not literally buy love and money may certainly bring all kinds of intrigues and conflicts that can make any millionaire’s life miserable (we have seen plenty). But how about well-earned and well-used money?

Whoever has lived in poverty knows how much harm lack of money can do to love.

There is a saying in my culture: “Love does not last when there’s hunger.” You can talk about tolerance, endurance, resilience, patience and sacrifice, but a life of hardship and limitations is questionably a life of love and care. Many other feelings substitute love amid penury. 

I think that anyone with a good heart and mind can use money to mine love, to surround themselves with loving and thankful people. I think that problem with money is when it transforms people into materialistic, arrogant, shallow individuals, who pretend and assume that everyone, like everything, has a price.

If someone genuinely gives without expecting anything in return, the returns will come regardless. If someone can have money and retain integrity and values, love will inevitably knock at their door. And even in the event that this supposition included some sort of curse according to which even if you were good and generous you’d never be loved, I’d still choose money.

I’d do lots of good things with that money. I’d help tons of people and make my life a monument to love unconditional. 

It would not make me feel any happier to be surrounded my loving and self-sacrificing beings while I see them starve or suffer the results of not having money to cover their basic needs. That pain is the most brutal anyone can experience and, unless you have been in that position, the old cliché, money can’t buy happiness, may sound attractively true. Money may not buy happiness, but, boy, how it may help to at least try to achieve it!


I do prefer having love with no money, because all my struggles for life , the hustling , the cry and depression are all factors that direct to seeking love . As long as you are love genuinely I believe the others things wouldn't bring us sadness, love will always stand for it.

While money and no love is a misery on it own. You get every food you wish to eat, buy luxury and live in your desire house yet you find no love. In return for all you get hatred which doesn't seems like a fulfilment in a mans life.

Though a balance life is the best , but since the question is a closed one , I stand for love


I think there is no point in having money and no love. That would be like living  pointless life. they say love conquers everything. 

I would much rather have someone I loved by my side struggling through life than not having anyone but loads of money. Money can't buy you happiness and your life would feel incomplete and empty.


Love surpasses every other thing. A man can have love and not have money and he/she will be very satisfied and happy in life but a man that has money can hardly find satisfaction and happiness without love. Love makes life meaningful and worth living.

So I'll choose love bcause love can give you the type of satisfaction and fulfillment that money can't give. Nothing can be compared to loving someone and have that someone love you back. The feeling is unexplainable

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