A fat stomach is a problem for you, how to get rid of it so that you confidence yourself again?
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This! I'd love to ramble on about the popular options available for weight loss on the internet, but as much as those help, a lot of them can be unrealistic like that. I'll just talk about my journey.

Sometime last year, I was super blue about my stomach bulging because it used to be flat. I would socialize less and beat myself up over getting bigger in the midsection. All of that. Then eventually I had to snap out of self pity and talk myself into doing something about it, otherwise there was no way I could just mall the stomach into shape, so I began.

First, I accepted that I had weight I didn't need. I went down to the root of my problem which was loss. I'd earlier lost a thing valuable to me and that caused me to be very sad and inactive. I dealt with that sadness and inactivity. I dragged myself out of the house and walked a distance every evening. Brisk walks.

Then I turned to water; I'm almost sure how that science works is by water filling you up so you're less ravenous.

I had already resolved to eat foods with less oil as someone with an acne prone skin, so I topped that with not eating late and my results came up in weeks.

So... Too long, didn't read? Here:

(1)Be okay mentally and emotionally

(2)Be active. Walk. Run. Something.

(3)Drink water

(4)Eat early

(5)Give it time

You can easily get thousand of videos on youtube about how to reduce belly fat. But as some of them are not easy to follow, so we get detachment by seeing them. 

After becoming a mom, I have to face problem reducing belly fat. And I have to go through a  c-section, so it was not possible to exercise hard at the early months. So what I did to reduce my belly fat could help you, though you may not have similar problem.

> Eating healthy: It is must to reduce fat from your body. Eat a good proportion but healthy food.

> Drinking much water: Drink as much water as possible. It will increase your metabolism and thus helps you to reduce fat.

> Small exercise: There is no way by eating healthy you are gonna be slim. You must have to do some free hand exercise.  It can be a walk, a push up what is possible for you to do.

> Avoid fatty, sweet & soda: Just don't intake these three for few months totally. And you will see the difference. This is what helps me most.

> Get a routine life: You may have a habit of taking lunch late or sleeping late at night. But change a little bit. It will help your body to get in routine and in shape too. 

> Try to meditate or yoga if possible: Do some basic yoga technique. It will help you so much you can not even imagine.

> Try to live stress free: Stress is the thing which leads us eating junk foods and it makes our body tired. It is the reason we can not motivate ourselves to live healthy or do some exercise for our betterment. So relaxing your mind and living a stress free life is the key to live healthy and can help you to reduce your fat too. 

I followed all of them and found really helpful for me. I hope it also helps you. 

**Stay Blessed** 

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There are many ways there to get rid of fat stomachs, starting from keeping the food menu to regulating rest hours. However, not everyone can do it, especially to regulate food. ha ha ha

So, I usually do sports, like running in the morning and evening. However, I often do it in the afternoon. In the morning, I usually do sit ups. These sit ups, there are several ways to do this (sit up type), starting from reverse crunch, bicycle crunch, running man, etc. Hopefully the answer will help you

Visceral fat is a fat that plays a role in the appearance of a distended stomach. Unlike subcutaneous fat that is close to the skin, this fat is around the internal organs, making it difficult to remove.

You can tighten your abdominal muscles with sit-ups or other movements. However, just doing those exercises will not significantly get rid of the distended stomach.

We have to do a diet and exercise combination strategy aimed at reducing weight and reducing total body fat. Until now there are no specific interventions that can reduce visceral fat that have proven effective. Although shrinking a distended stomach is not an easy matter, we still need to try to overcome a distended stomach.

The following are some ways that can be done.

Reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages. Besides being not good for health, alcoholic beverages can also cause the stomach to become distended.

Avoid stress because it can trigger a distended stomach. If we have a problem, try to meditate, do relaxation, and talk to the closest person.

Enough sleep can also help reduce fat in the stomach. Tissue fat in the body can be reduced if you sleep for at least 6-7 hours.

Pay attention to food consumed and calorie intake. To minimize abdominal fat, we need to reduce calorie intake in the body.

Calorie consumption is at least reduced by 500-1000 calories per day from the total needs.

Reduce carbohydrates and start consuming lots of vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grain products, and lean protein.

Increase physical activity. Lack of activity can make it difficult for us to shrink a distended stomach. Begin to get used to doing sports, with a combination of endurance and cardio training.

If you can't do strenuous exercise activities, try regular walking or yoga.

Begin to lead a healthy life by maintaining food consumption, changing lifestyles, and diligently exercising.

There are many ways to reduce belly fat which is something that many people want to reduce any belly fat. It is not easy to lose belly fats. I guess it is one of the hardest far to lose from the body.

I guess the exercise that everyone who wants to lose weight would be doing lots of sit up. But it is something that doesn't works as I found out early on when I was first working out to lose my weight. Then one day I stumble upon this video that showcased High interval intensity training. This is the best sort of workout. You have to do really tough workouts fast for thirty workouts which utilizes multiple body parts then what would happen is that the oxygen debt would built up. Then it helps to burn body fats long after the workout.

Then the next things to do is to make sure that we eat more cleanly. Eating is one of the most important thing that everyone has to watch out for. One book I read titled wheat belly emphasized that wheat is as bad as sugar. It is really important to reduce wheat in our body as it can disrupt the body's hormones. Reduce all sugary drinks and food, bread and eat more proteins.

Then workout more and increase strength training exercises. Never give up and keep going on and keep learning more and more.

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1...ensure you Eat healthy:

eat enough meat, eat eggs, eat alot of vegetables and some good nuts and also fruits. and If you know you really want something sweet,then eat some lovely dark chocolates which contains at least 50% cocoa.

2. Drink healthy:

Ensure you drink enough water and also healthy green tea with some good lemon,ensure that they are your actual main source of fluid... you need to also know that the Coffee without a sugar is also a very good way to actually burn belly fat and fat as a whole and to also supress hunger.

3. Sleep..

Ensure that you get enough sleep daily,sleeping for at least eight hour daily is recommended,also sleeping at this recommended daily period also helps you to have a better health...

4. Excercise..

Yeah excercise is very important because it could also be the most effective way to help you burn belly fat,you can do excercises like sit-ups,push-ups,walking,running,etc...aside from burning belly fat,excercise makes you physically fit and more healthy...

your question is very good. of course a fat stomach is a problem. because it will cause someone to be uncomfortable and not confident. to get rid of a fat stomach a person must reduce the intake of calories in the body. ways to reduce calorie intake by reducing the portion of food. besides consuming foods that contain high fiber. like avocados, papaya, apples, nuts, and many other foods. foods that contain this fiber function to delay hunger.

In addition, it is also necessary to exercise regularly in order to eliminate a fat stomach. Malakukan sports function to burn calories in the body. so it can prevent an increase in calories.

You can exercise once or twice a week and you should eat healthy foods. Avoid foods that can make your belly bigger and try to eat healthier foods. Less carbohydrates and cold drinks. Have a balanced diet and of course exercise is a must . At least 30 minutes per day will do if you want to get rid of your fat stomach recently . I also have a fat stomach now and I am trying to exercise after work and I keep on drinking a lot of water to reduce my hunger. It really helps and try to drink lemon tea too . :)