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Do you think being in a relationship helps to reduce stress we deal in day to day life ?

Going into a relationship with the intention of reducing your stress level can end up disappointing. It's adviceable to be at the best state you can be before going into a relationship.

A good relationship can and should reduce stress for sure but if you go into a relationship with the intention of reducing stress, you end up putting too much weight on your partner, you become too demanding and you expect them to do too much, this often leads to dissapointment, nagging and increases stress level.

Remember that being in a relationship adds to your responsibilities, you have an additional person to care for, pray for and worry about .

Relationships should reduce stress naturally but should not be perceived as a stress reducer.

I hope you get my point.

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Well it depends on just how you feel in your relationship because there are relationships that actually add to the stress that you face every day. A relationship is meant to actually reduce our stress and make our lives a little bit easier because that's what companionship of that nature was made for.

Typically speaking, as long as you don't have any issues in your relationship and you and your partner get along just fine then yes being in a relationship will definitely reduce the stress that you encounter everyday.

I know this because i'm in a relationship and the fact that I can actually talk to someone about my day who'll be willing to listen and give me a hug when I'm down does wonders for my stress levels. Honestly I believe that as long as you and your partner are on good terms then day-to-day stress won't be such a big deal for you.

Beware though, the same way a relationship can reduce your stress is the same way it can increase it. If you have a partner that's constantly nagging or constantly being unfaithful then they're simply going to add to your stress.

I hope this helps.