What will be the benefits if we start sharing our Question/Answer of musing in facebook/twitter?

Facebook/twitter are the established traditional social media and steemit and steem blockchain and other DApps including musing is the new generation social media with blockchain technology, so it is in the process of blossoming and not yet reached a point of confluence. However it is well positioned for mass adoption from here on.

Now coming to your question, when something new happens, it needs publicity otherwise how can people will get to know about it and I am sure you might have also joined steemit through this kind of publicity, so when a concept is in its nascent stage, it requires marketing support and musing is also new and this platform also has the feature like sharing option in facebook/twitter. So if you start sharing it with other social media, people will get to know about musing and may also be interested with your question/answer. 

So here are the benefits if you start sharing your Q/A in facebook/twitter:-

  • More people will get to know about musing and may join musing and this will make the ecosystem of musing better.
  • With the question/answer which has been shared with facebook/twitter, one may get his/her solution without asking for it.
  • People will get to know that they can earn by participating in a Q/A platform like musing.
  • It will indirectly benefit steem blockchain also as people here are getting paid in steem and steem will also get that exposure.
  • It can attract knowledgeable/intellectual person from other social media sites where the community is really big.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Well I'm gonna be as honest here as possible so sorry in advance Musing! XD 

Aside from Musing gaining more exposure outside Steem, there really is no other benefit for a Muser to share his content on Facebook/Twitter, at the moment

From what I've noticed on Musing's actions on the blockchain recently, they have started claiming discounted accounts for weeks now and is now ready to create at least 1,414 accounts. 

I say that there is no benefit at the moment for sharing because as some of you are already aware of, when you click the "sign-up" button on the Musing website, it will just redirect the user towards Steemit's faucet sign-up. This I think will create more confusion towards normies outside Steem as they still don't know that Musing is just one of the many platforms built on top of Steem. 

Once Musing starts creating new accounts using those claimed accounts, then at that point would I say that the Facebook/Twitter sharing option is a benefit to Musing as it will likely increase genuine contributors on this platform. 


As Musing is similar to Quora and in addition users will get rewarded for their contribution I believe it will take a massive positive hit if the users of Qoura get a clear idea of about Musing.io.

Few things will occur if the we start to share them in Facebook/twitter . 

  • Musing.io will get more focus
  • People will get curious and will dive in here and watch it out 
  • Traffic will increase
  • If they like how musing works they might sign up for the  use case of it
  • If the join they will get get to know more about Steem Blockchain and will get a head start in here.
  • This action might attract them to the other dapps of Steem Blockchain
  • If we get attention of potential investors if they like the Steem blockchain than they might get interest in getting into Steem
  • More users means more adoption 

So above all we will see a great positive result if we do the sharing/spread the news properly. 


If that is done, it will go a long way to give credibility to the platform. It will definitely increase traffic to the site and give Steemit and it's sub platforms more recognitions.


There  are various benefits when we share interactions on the musing.io  platform to various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Attract other people to join

Of  course, by introducing the dApp platform built on STEEM Network, people  will slowly understand that there are various benefits that can be  obtained from interactions in the blockchain world.

[I will not lie], the biggest benefit is getting money incentives for the interactions that we do.

Enlarge the STEEM Network

With  the increasing number of people who are interested in joining the Steem  network, of course the network will get bigger and safer.

Increase Currency Prices on the STEEM Network

With  the number of people joining, the total market capitalization is  greater, and of course STEEM prices have hopes of rising higher. Or, at least the stability will be better.

Sharing knowledge

This is the most important benefit in sharing on social media. We  can share our knowledge with others, and of course the good deeds will  have an impact both on the intellectual life and human resources. 


Thank you for the question. Of course there are many benefits. Many people do not know about this, they will know and can learn a lot. When there are many people coming here, it will become a great favorite of the people and it will get fame as the biggest platform.

I'm discussing some of the benefits below

First of all I would say that many people will know about this platform

Secondly, I would say those who come here can learn a lot from here

Thirdly, I would say that those who come new will be able to teach us something good

From those who come here new we will learn new things and know

When many people come to this platform, it will gain fame as a great platform


Why would you want to do that? I don't think the site is quite ready to be flooded with more users just yet.  

The site will be ready next year when their SMT's are launched so slow growth would be good but not having 1000's appearing right now. The site is improving all the time and needs to still be developed to become the finished article.

Like Steemit it still needs things to happen to be ready. It has taken over two years tweaking and changing things so one day it will be right for onboarding. Don't run before you can walk.


There are quite a few benefits to sharing our questions/answers on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. 

Firstly, Facebook and Twitter are not built on the blockchain, whereas, Musing is a Dapp on Steemit which is built on the blockchain. 

So, sharing our contents to our Facebook and Twitter feeds enables users, not on the blockchain, have a glimpse of what it is like on the blockchain. It can lure them to get into the blockchain, especially when they realize they can earn for their knowledge instead of freely posting those contents elsewhere without rewards.