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Is it true that people staying in rural areas or relatively more green environment do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases than the people living in urban and more polluted area ?

your question is very good. and in my opinion, not necessarily people living in rural areas do not suffer from heart problems. it all depends on the lifestyle that he lives everyday. if someone has a bad lifestyle, for example, like consuming cholesterol-containing foods such as burgers, then over time there will be a buildup of cholesterol in the heart's blood vessels causing heart problems. also with people living in the countryside. But if someone who lives in a rural or urban area has a good lifestyle, such as exercising regularly, avoiding smoking, avoiding foods that contain cholesterol, then heart problems will not occur. Hopefully my answer will be useful for you.


That is not correct. People in rural areas get cardiovascular diseases too. There are various factors of influence here, as for example nutrition, the amount of exercise, exposure to genetic factors, etc.


According to an article on https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/JAHA.116.004445, culled from research results on the subject posted on February 2, 2017, People living in urban areas have more risk factors of cardiovascular diseases than people living in urban areas. A greater part of this conclusion is because of the population density and pollution that is generated in urban areas. 

However, this difference is insignificant and the research was quick to point out that this conclusion is largely affected by a wide range of lifestyle and health habits such as income level, age, eating and drinking habits, frequency of exercising, smoking, and general activity of the person, etc.

That said, a person living in the city but active with everyday business has a better chance at survival than someone in the rural region who isn't physically active.