Where can I cast my vote for a witness in steemit?

It is very easy to cast your vote for a witness in steemit.

Steemit is a oline earning platform. There are many things on steemit. We can earn money from steemit by bloging. There is a matter on steemit that we can vote for 30 witness. Now the question is why we vote for a witness. If we vote for a witness then you can hardly see that the person you have voted for a witness, he or she will upvote your post.

You can vote for a witness by following this steps. They are :

• Firstly open your account in any browser.

• Secondly we will three dots in the right side above and click on the three dots.

• Thirdly after clicking on the three dots you can see there is an option named "Vote for witness", click on that option.

• Fourthly we will be taken in a page where you will top 100 witness names in a row. Then you can vote anyone.

• If you want to vote for a witness and his is not the top 100 witness list then you can see a box in the below of the page. You have to enter the witness name and click on the "vote" option.

It is as much easy as that.


In order to vote for a witness you can go to:-


Check the list of steem witnesses and find your favorite witness or the witness you are willing to vote for, you can use "ctrl+F" for searching your favorite witness and then click on the upvote icon to cast your vote and you are done with your witness vote.

Thank you and Have a great day. 


You go to the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner.  they call it the "hamburger" because the 3 lines look like a hamburger. After that you simply click on the "vote for witness" tab and you are ready to go.